Wednesday, October 28, 2009


You probably think we have forgotten about sweet Lucy. We've acutally recently gotten her a friend.

Meet Lucy-fur!

The Reveal

Logan is a PORCUPINE!!! By the time we got the camera out Logan had smeared his brownish-black Maybeline mascara nose (what else was I supposed to use?!). Maybe Saturday we'll catch a picture with the nose. He didn't mess with his hat at all. We were very surprised. Saturday's weather at the game is supposed to be in the 60s and since he will have just had his tubes in, then this will be a great way to keep his ears covered and protected from the wind.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Big Secret

We went to Ridglea's Kid's Halloween party tonight so Logan got to wear his first costume for the very first time. I'm torn about whether or not to show pictures now or to wait until later in the week. I know lots of people out there who are very anxious to know our secret.


Logan did not win the 3 and under costume contest, although several people came up to us afterward and said he was robbed. The brother and sister milk and cookie duo took that prize. They were pretty mouth-watering.

Logan's favorite part was the balloons of course. He also ate off the children's buffet and discovered tator tots. Who doesn't love tots?!

We had a great time with the Bolgers.

Maybe I'll post a little more on this tomorrow. Any guesses so far?

Just FYI

Logan and I were rear-ended this morning on our way into downtown. We're okay and our car is mostly okay. I'm starting to get sore though. This is the busiest time of year for us and now I have to deal with insurance companies, car repair, and rental car stuff. What a pain! Thank God for good car seats - I don't even think Logan realized anything had happened.

her car

my car (the gash/black smudge on the left side of the bumper is pretty deep)

I did have my morning coffee in hand, so the interior of my car is a mess. I'm going to let Caddy Lady's insurance pay for a good detail job. And maybe my dry cleaning bill, too. I had to come home and rinse off and change clothes because the coffee cologne smell wasn't exactly what I was going for today.

coffee on my sunroof

Monday, October 26, 2009

We love Sundays

I got back from Austin around noon and we picked up Andrew and headed out to lunch. Logan wore this the whole time we were there as long as he didn't remember it was up there. Good practice for Halloween!

And I guess I didn't feed him enough for dinner because something tells me he was still hungry.

And on a normal Sunday we would've gone to church. I realized when someone asked me last week that I haven't given the church update. We found one in early August - McKinney Memorial Bible Church. Love it.

Southbound 35

Logan and I went to Austin this weekend to visit friends. My friend Andrea and her daughter were in from Colorado and this was her last trip before her next baby is due in December. We had an almost-surprise shower (her sister told her the night before. ugh.) for her at a park on Saturday. The weather was perfect. This was Logan's first park visit and he had a good time despite it being nap time. Parks will be more fun when he's walking I think.
Logan loves balloons! He would do this all day if you let him. One problem - mommy hates balloons! It isn't the fear of popping that scares me, its how big they are and how they just get in the way. I think I started hating them in high school when boys would bring them for their girlfriend's birthdays and girlfriend would carry them around all day through the halls. Get out of my way! Ughhh. . .and the static. . . I digress. . .
I had to keep the paci in his mouth so he wouldn't eat the playground rocks, which at one point I caught him spitting out of his mouth anyway - rocks, that is. Oops.

looking at birds. He crawled after them several times, but just wasn't quite fast (or quiet) enough.

I'm clicking my heels together right now and wishing all these girls lived in Fort Worth with me. Me, Carrie (Andrea's sister), pregnant Andrea, Audrey with Taylor, Brandi, Krista (Andrea's nursing school friend)

Friday, October 23, 2009

More from the zoo

I stole this picture from the twins' website.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


If I concentrate really, really hard I can pronounce the specialty of the Dr. we saw yesterday for Logan. No need for worry. It is just the fancy way of saying ENT - ear, nose, and throat.

Logan has had a constant ear infection for over a month that we know of - could have been longer with no symptoms. He has been on every imaginable antibiotic, including the Rocephin shots that he had six of in one unforgettable week, and none of them have worked.

Logan will have tubes put in his ears next Friday. It is very common and is our only option according to the surgeon. And although we are a little nervous, we know that this is going to be so good for Logan - his balance, his speech, his hearing, his comfort! And hopefully we'll never, ever have another sick visit to the pediatrician's office!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 Months

Logan is 11 months old today. I took the day off work for a play date at the zoo. And before I go on about our zoo visit, I just have to say what an incredibly flexible and wonderful group of people I work for who let me have so much time off to be with Logan. The older he gets, the more I struggle with being a working mom, but I'm always re-affirmed when I get to have fun days away and when I get to leave whenever I need to to take care of Dr. visits. (more to come on that note tomorrow) And maybe in a few years my brain will come back and I will re-gain focus and remind them of why they hired me in the first place! I truly am blessed to be where I am.

Now back to the zoo. . . We saw rhinoceroses, giraffes, elephants, flamingos, penguins, cheetahs, meerkats and most importantly chimpanzees! As I suspected they might be, the chimps were Logan's favorites. They were busy swinging on their gym and Logan clapped, pointed, screamed and smiled. It was really fun to watch. We will have to get a zoo membership this year because I foresee lots of visits!
A few more of Logan's "tricks":

Logan is clicking his tongue. This is an action/sound I don't know how to describe. You all know what I'm talking about though. He's putting his tongue on the roof of his mouth and snapping it down. Is there a term for this??? Anyhow, he's doing it.

Last night we had Logan in our bedroom and I asked him where his frog was. This is the first time I can think of that he has responded like this - he immediately looked over at his bouncer. YES, LOGAN! The frog is a toy on his bouncer! I told him to go get his frog/rana and he crawled right over to it and started playing with it! Do you know what this means?! He listens when I tell him stuff! Babies are so neat!

Napping. (This paragraph is just for my personal documentation. Feel free to skip ahead.) Logan is a great sleeper. He takes good naps for me, but will maybe only nap for a cumulative one hour at school each day. Logan likes his crib, too. Never cries when we put him down and never cries when he wakes up. He just plays. Today Logan fell asleep on the 1/2 mile drive from the zoo to lunch and then again on the way home. He was exhausted, there was no denying it. BUT when I put him in his crib when we got home he played for well over an hour before he fell asleep. I was tempted to get him up and let him play, but he was content and I knew he was tired. When he was done playing, he slept for 2 1/2 hours.

This afternoon we went outside to check the mail and Logan noticed our scarecrows. I took him over to meet them. We're all friends now and he waved bye-bye to them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Now that it is cooler outside and since Logan always wants down in public places, (and because we don't want to look like hillbillies everywhere we go!) we went shoe shopping last week. He got some super-fast Nike tennies and a casual brown lace-up pair. Here's our big boy in his tennies this morning.

First Haircut

This morning we took Logan to get his haircut. He did great in the the taxi cab chair and I did great too - no crying! And as I knew it would, it makes him look like such a big boy. We got a certificate and a small plastic bag with a few locks of his hair attached. It's a big day!




In a pickle

Andrew watched Logan last night so I could go to my much needed hair appointment. They had lots of fun just being guys. No baths were given, bed time was thrown out the window and Logan researched some potential hide and seek spots. He was so happy when I got home, so I think I'll leave him with Andrew more often!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More of Dinnertime

I've been trying to post this video for a few weeks and keep getting frustrated by how long it takes. This is only half of it - I'm working on part 2. And it is sideways. I just love the way he shovels in food!

A picture of a picture

Logan's school pictures were available for viewing yesterday. They took 3 poses of each child. Logan only smiled in this one, so it's the only pose I bought. He wasn't unpleasant in the other pictures, he was just staring at the camera like, "are we done yet?".

And I proudly overcame my MUST HAVE THEM ALL - FIRST SCHOOL PICTURES - NEED ALL OF THEM urge and only got 2 sheets! He has his 1 year pictures next month anyway, so I didn't see the need for more. On that note, I just 5 minutes ago read the blog of my friend in KC who is taking his picture and our Christmas pictures. She wrote that at her shoot yesterday it was 34 degrees! What?! I guess I'll have to rethink our wardrobe for this whole thing. Merry Christmas from the Thomases wearing ski gear!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tonight was spaghetti night. A first.

New tricks

Sorry, Faithful Followers, for the long break I took from posting pictures. Fall is my favorite season, but it is always so busy!

We're all well now - Andrew got the worst of it again. He always seems to fall harder than the rest of us. And I'm honestly not just saying that because he whines the most (though sometimes that's the case!).

Logan has so many fun new tricks and I'm just trying to keep up!

Logan can distinguish between light and fan when looking up at the ceiling. He just points at lights, but if he's looking at the fan, he points and moves his arm in a circle.

Logan is a climber. I think I'm going to buy him a helmet and mouth guard (to protect his 2 teeth). We haven't had any accidents yet, but last week I caught him doing this and last night he was STANDING on it holding on to the top rack.

Logan still loves to push things around the house, so last week I bought him a new push toy. I was nervous thinking that since it has wheels he wouldn't be able to keep up. I was way wrong. This little guy is fast! I don't have a good picture of it because he gets distracted by the camera, but the proud look on his face when he's pushing this thing around is priceless. He flashes us a big grin and looks up often to make sure we're still watching him.

Logan is also waving bye bye now. It is a little delayed, though, sometimes. He'll wave right after the departing person has given up and turned to go.

And he gives kisses, too. But not unless he feels like it. He's not a circus monkey about it. No performaces. No showing off. That's just the way he rolls. . .


Happy Birthday Dad! We love you and hope that your next 60 years are just as rewarding. . . .and more restful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And then he threw up.

Here's Logan in the back of our car at Saturday's TCU game. He was doing great - making it a few minutes into the 2nd quarter. I was hopeful that our 1st quarter baby was going to be a half-time baby. Then it started raining. I ran him to cover in my coat. We could still see the game and were mostly content. Then he got a leaky diaper, so I had to make a run for it to the car. . . in the rain. We had fun in the back of the car with the back open watching the rain and then we went home during half time.

Sunday Logan threw up everything he ate. I took him to the Dr. yesterday suspecting an ear infection, too. Double whammy - virus and ear infection. ANOTHER ear infection! After an antibiotic shot in each leg, Logan's ear is feeling much better. He's still having some stomach issues though. Logan will have two more shots tomorrow and two more on Friday. This is the saddest week ever! Nonny came to the rescue on Sunday night. She will be here until he's better. Thanks mom!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Picture Day

Today is Logan's very first school picture day. Let's hope he doesn't have a blowout before it is his turn.