Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 Months

Logan is 11 months old today. I took the day off work for a play date at the zoo. And before I go on about our zoo visit, I just have to say what an incredibly flexible and wonderful group of people I work for who let me have so much time off to be with Logan. The older he gets, the more I struggle with being a working mom, but I'm always re-affirmed when I get to have fun days away and when I get to leave whenever I need to to take care of Dr. visits. (more to come on that note tomorrow) And maybe in a few years my brain will come back and I will re-gain focus and remind them of why they hired me in the first place! I truly am blessed to be where I am.

Now back to the zoo. . . We saw rhinoceroses, giraffes, elephants, flamingos, penguins, cheetahs, meerkats and most importantly chimpanzees! As I suspected they might be, the chimps were Logan's favorites. They were busy swinging on their gym and Logan clapped, pointed, screamed and smiled. It was really fun to watch. We will have to get a zoo membership this year because I foresee lots of visits!
A few more of Logan's "tricks":

Logan is clicking his tongue. This is an action/sound I don't know how to describe. You all know what I'm talking about though. He's putting his tongue on the roof of his mouth and snapping it down. Is there a term for this??? Anyhow, he's doing it.

Last night we had Logan in our bedroom and I asked him where his frog was. This is the first time I can think of that he has responded like this - he immediately looked over at his bouncer. YES, LOGAN! The frog is a toy on his bouncer! I told him to go get his frog/rana and he crawled right over to it and started playing with it! Do you know what this means?! He listens when I tell him stuff! Babies are so neat!

Napping. (This paragraph is just for my personal documentation. Feel free to skip ahead.) Logan is a great sleeper. He takes good naps for me, but will maybe only nap for a cumulative one hour at school each day. Logan likes his crib, too. Never cries when we put him down and never cries when he wakes up. He just plays. Today Logan fell asleep on the 1/2 mile drive from the zoo to lunch and then again on the way home. He was exhausted, there was no denying it. BUT when I put him in his crib when we got home he played for well over an hour before he fell asleep. I was tempted to get him up and let him play, but he was content and I knew he was tired. When he was done playing, he slept for 2 1/2 hours.

This afternoon we went outside to check the mail and Logan noticed our scarecrows. I took him over to meet them. We're all friends now and he waved bye-bye to them.


Sami said...

I can't believe that our tiny little baby boys are now almost one. Scary how time flies.


Mimi said...

I should have guessed that a monkey would be your favorite zoo animal. They are very entertaining as they swing and make such funny faces and noises. I am glad you had fun with your friends.........Hugs and kisses, Mimi