Saturday, February 21, 2009


Logan turned 3 months yesterday. I weighed him this morning and he is 14 3/4 lbs. Big boy!

I mentioned several weeks ago that he rolled front to back, but I haven't seen him do it since. So today we had some quality tummy time and look what I've got. . .VIDEO! Please ignore my voice in the background. I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Poor baby is probably like, "Okay, mom, got it. You don't want to interrupt. Now just wipe the darn spit off my face and move on!"

He is SO close to rolling from back to tummy, so I'll have to post that another time. I'm guessing later this week. I have some footage of him trying today, but I'm really annoying in it and Lucy is all over the place licking on him and I'm trying to get the dog out of the shot and kept moving the camera. It would make you sick to watch it - promise.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Don't get me wrong, though, it was VERY sad! Thank you to all of you who said a prayer, sent a note or an email, or FLOWERS, or LEFT DINNER IN MY FRIDGE, or brought over cupcakes when we got home!!! It really helped. I think it helps, too, that his school is right by my office. So when I dropped him off, I thought, "okay, precious, big-eyed, chubby cheeks, sweet boy - I'll be back in a few hours to check on you!"

So I called mid morning to make sure he was happy - he was. Then I went by at lunch to see him and he was napping - sweetly. He woke up while I was there, but I didn't let him know I was in the room. I'm guessing they probably wanted him to doze back off since he'd only been out for 15 minutes or so.

When I picked him up this afternoon he had a positive report card. He ate a lot, which they say is normal because babies eat for comfort. And he napped well. Ms. Cathy said he enjoyed checking out all his new classmates.

Work was okay, too. It was really weird to step back in to the routine - that was so routine - after not doing it for 13 weeks. There are reports I didn't pull and lists I didn't start checking, though, because I know it would've stressed me out to realize how much there is to catch up on. My job was left in very capable hands, so it isn't a matter of things not getting done. It's just that picking up where someone left off on 20 or so tasks and projects isn't going to be easy. I'm just taking it one step at at time.

One of my biggest fears was that there were going to be so many changes while I was out that I'd feel out of the loop, but it turns out that not much changed in 13 weeks. Not much at all. . .


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For those who need their daily Logan fix

Here are a few new pictures of Logan during our afternoon playtime the past few days. He has become SO vocal and I have the best time going back and forth with him. And I really will learn more about posting a video someday. . .really!

We're all packed up and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow, but maybe if I never go to sleep I won't ever have to wake up and go back to work!

Monday, February 16, 2009

On going back to work and other news

Here are the pictures of Logan and Raleigh from the Arboretum from Andrew's camera. We are excited for Blooms this sping and the warmer weather so we can get some fun shots.

I weighed Logan today - 14.1 pounds. That's 1/2 lb per week since we brought him home. Logan has always been a pokey eater, so today I upgraded him to the level 2 nipple on his bottles. What a great move! I bought myself at least an extra hour a day. And he didn't spit up as much either.

So I have two more days at home with my sweet baby and then I return to work on Thursday. I'm full of so many different emotions - nervous, sad, excited, clueless, and so much more. I couldn't change his diaper, read him a book, sing him a song, give him a bath or bottle, or talk to him today without thinking about how much I'm going to miss spending so much time with him every day. He is my little buddy and I'm sad that I won't be with him all day every day. I'm nervous that we won't be as close since I'll be a working mom. I'm scared he'll get so comfortable at daycare that he will actually start preferring it to being home with me. I feel clueless about how to adapt our routine to be out of the door by 6:50 am every morning fed and dressed, with bottles and changes of clothes to boot. I'm not seeking pitty, internet, I'm just sharing my feelings. I know Logan will love me more than daycare and that we will quickly adapt to our new schedule and that I can still be a good mom and work. I'm just venting. . .

On the other hand, there's work. I'm excited to get dressed up every morning again (although I'm sure that will wear off once I cycle through all my good clothes). I'm really looking forward to being with adults all day. I can't wait to catch up on all the good work gossip. I'm nervous that I won't remember how do my job and that "mom brain" will get the best of me. I'm terrified that I'll have so much catch-up work to do that I will be very stressed and unable to leave on time to pick up my happy baby. I love my job. I wouldn't be going back to it if I didn't. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until Thursday. . . .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day with Cousin Raleigh

Andrew's cousin Derek and his wife had their first baby in July. They live in Dallas and are our nearest relatives. We decided that we'd all spend Valentine's Day together in Dallas and went to a local burger joint, Fat Daddy's (free beer!) and then to the Dallas Arboretum.

Logan had a "Heartbreaker" onesie on and we hoped to get some cute pictures, but he had a major blowout (up to the neck, people!) and we had to change onesies and everything else when we got to the Arboretum. It was also a little chilly and so we swaddled him snug in his carrier.

Cousin Raleigh is such a precious little girl. She smiles constantly and is just the sweetest baby I've ever been around. As she is 4 months older than Logan, it is so neat for us to see how much she is able to do and know that we'll be there before we know it. They will be good friends I'm sure.

Thanks Derek and Wendi for being our Valentine. We'll be back to enjoy the Arboretum with you this Spring!

Pictures from the Arboretum to follow. They are on Andrew's camera and he's golfing. Gotta give guy time to earn girl time. The time conversion ratio between the two is probably a little skewed. I may have just earned a half hour.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Go Red Raiders!

ONLY KIDDING FROG FANS! Logan had a spit up disaster at Mr. Grant's house (Lexie's daddy) yesterday - the one day I didn't have a spare outfit on me of course. Mr. Texas Tech himself was very happy to give us a loaner shirt. Thanks Grant!

Lucy likes Logan's dandruff shampoo.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 Weeks

The last twelve weeks have flown by and Logan has been so much fun. I held a 5-week-old today and he felt so tiny and breakable. I don't even remember Logan ever being that small.

At twelve weeks Logan is smiling a lot and cooing. He is on the verge of laughing - I'm just not that funny I guess. He is very close to rolling over from back to front and is sitting up in his Bumbo seat. He loves being outside and I'm so glad we've had the mild winter that I prayed for. Bath time is so fun, as is any naked time. He loves being naked and laying on his changing table. Unless he's hungry - he doesn't love anything when he's hungry. When he lays on his back to play he kicks and wiggles until he wears himself out. Logan has been sleeping through the night for 3 weeks. He wakes up with the sweetest smile on his face.

Here's our little "bug" today smiling at me when he is supposed to be napping. You can guess how that nap turned out! (Asleep on me of course! I've only got 6 days left at home with him, so what the heck!)

In his first 12 weeks Logan has made two road trips to San Antonio and flown to Harlingen. He has been a great traveler so far. Logan has been on countless play dates (I have to get out a lot for sanity's sake) and is so agreeable on all of them. He has had two "practice" half-days at daycare and seems to do well. Miss Cathy is his teacher and she seems to think he will be a good fit in his class. He has a set of fraternal twins as classmates - both boys - and a sweet little girl, too. They are all about 6 or 7 months old I'm guessing. Logan and another baby girl about his age start next week. Since that makes 5 babies that means another teacher will be joining the class as well.

More to come on how I'm coping with going back to work. . .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fun at Nonny and Poppy's House

Logan and I are in San Antonio for a few days for a visit before I go back to work next week. And we're glad to give Andrew a break before life gets crazy busy. Logan had his first sink bath tonight. He seemed to really like it and I think it is important that every child have a naked picture in a sink. Ours is censored.

Logan's puttin' on the charm for Nonny so he can get more toys and books out of her.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And they all rolled over and one fell off. . .

Luckily none have fallen off, but he's rolled over (tummy to back) a couple times! It is not consistent, but he's starting to get the idea I think. I'll try to catch it on video next time, although that doesn't mean you'll ever see it since I'm terrible at uploading video. How hard could it possibly be, right?!


My response to the comment posted on the last blog

After Dinner...

one night right after eating

and the next night

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lucy slept in today.

First of all, let me say that this is Andrew's side of the bed. Lucy is not allowed under my side of the bed or anywhere near my pillows becuase that's just gross. Notice the white sheet that we put on top of our comforter at night so Lucy doesn't get it dirty. I love her and she's a relatively clean dog, but still. . .

So when Andrew got out of bed this morning Lucy laid down on his pillow. Andrew covered her up and she slept there for at least 15 minutes. Sweet puppy. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture was Little Red Riding Hood. "Better to see you with. . ."


Logan is taking his second nap today in his crib. We are on the go so often that usually we just manage one "normal" nap a day. I'm going to try to be better about being home during these nap times, so he can get used to it. I'm sure daycare will appreciate my efforts! The problem with this is that it leaves me stuck at home most of the day. Poor me.

I weighed the little guy this morning and he's a whopping 13.5 lbs. He is getting really close to not fitting in his 0-3 month clothes anymore. I found three outfits in his drawer yesterday that he never wore. (kicking myself!) They are ones I bought him right when we found out he was a he. I guess I forgot to hang them when I bought more hangers. They are outfits with footies on them, which is the problem - he would probably fit in them, but he wouldn't be able to stretch his legs.

pictures later. . .maybe.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Weekend

Andrew watched Logan Saturday night so I could go to a friend's wedding. We're just not ready for a night time sitter yet (and he doesn't really like weddings!)

Today was GORGEOUS, so Andrew, Logan and I went to the school across the street for a mommy and Logan photo shoot. Logan and I have very few pictures together and Andrew is enjoying experimenting with his new camera. Here are a few shots of your son's work, Bob. Too bad he didn't have more to work with.

Logan was worn out after his photo shoot and slept throught kick-off of his first Super Bowl game