Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Mimi and Grandpa came to visit us for Easter this year. Because Aaron is still so little we forfeited our annual trip to California in March, which means Bob and Judy went a long time without seeing their grandsons.

Saturday was the Ridglea egg hunt. The wind was constant about 40 mph I'm guessing. Tables were blowing over and the Easter Bunny's tent was almost a goner at one point, too. Aaron slept thru most of the festivities, so Mimi sat with him while Andrew and I took turns waiting in the hour long pony ride line (seriously - what we wouldn't do for our kids!) while the other kept Logan entertained with other attractions. Bob kept busy as photographer of course.

On Sunday Logan woke up and looked out his window to see all the eggs that the Easter bunny left him. After getting dressed and having breakfast we headed outside to collect. Too bad we forgot to turn off the sprinklers early that morning - poor bunny probably got soaked!

Then we headed off to church and then to the club for lunch. We've had some bad storms up here lately and Saturday night left 30,000 plus without power including the club. We ate by candlelight with no A/C. Lunch was still delicious and it was a fun memory. They were cooking everything on grills outside. We could've gone elsewhere, I suppose, but at 11 AM on Easter Sunday I bet we'd have waited in a long line!

Notice, too, the blue paint on his left arm. It's a snake.

a rope-guitar!

the pony line

worth the wait!

How happy does Andrew look keeping us shaded with the frog umbrella?!

Sweet, happy baby.

making cookies with Mimi

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rockin' at the Gap

We went on a shopping spree for the boy's spring/summer clothes at Gap on Saturday evening. I was a pretty pokey shopper and Logan had tons of energy, so Andrew kept taking him. I thought they spent most of their time outside, but Andrew just showed me this video. I guess they were inside some, too.

Logan is obsessed with guitars these days. His broke last week and we need to get a replacement STAT. We have SO much footage of him jammin' out in the living room, but I though this video was one of the best yet.

Warrior Dash

Andrew and our friend Matt ran the Warrior Dash yesterday. It is a crazy 5K with several obstacles along the way (mud crawl at the end) and you are encouraged to run in costume. I didn't brave it out there with the boys to take pictures, but here are the guys in costume the night before and then the guys after the race once the mud-filled costumes were trashed. I can't wait to join them next year!

Captain America and Big Bird

They came home and jumped straight in the pool to try and get the giant mud clumps out of their ears. Mmmm.

TCU Picnic and Egg Hunt

Today was the TCU Alumni Easter egg hunt and picnic. We were joined this year by cousin Derek, Wendi, Raleigh and Kennedy. It was a beautiful day out and we had a lot of fun.

Bummer that the guy who took this picture had it focussed behind us!

Silly, messy cookie eaters!

The only egg he got. . .

The (empty) sippies were scattered on the ground to be put in the baskets. Guess he was thirsty. We filled it with water right after the hunt and he guzzled it down.

Macie and Marlie

On Wednesday I took the boys down to College Station to visit my friend Ali and her twin girls. I stayed 2 nights and we had a blast wrangling toddlers. There were parts that were very rough, but we were glad we were together and glad when bed time came. I have several friends with twins and I just don't envy them at all! Ali still makes it look easy, though. Logan enjoyed riding the pink 4 wheeler.

Ali, the master teacher she is, uses flash cards with the girls. Logan played along, too, and being older knew all the words already. So then Ali had them taking turns and when Macie's turn came around she looked at and pointed to Logan like, "I'll pass. You take this one." We got a good laugh.

Ali does have her hands full, but she has been blessed because her girls are super-sleepers. They sleep 12-13 hours at night and take a solid 2 hour nap every day at the same time. We went out for an early morning swing before the girls woke up.

Dinos and Donuts

Last Saturday we went to the member's party before the zoo opened for Dinos and Donuts. They have robotic dinosaurs scattered all over our zoo right now. Logan likes dinosaurs, but some of these were very large and a little too life-like for his taste. We had a great time as a family on our early morning zoo stroll.

Aaron - 2 months

Last Monday Aaron was 2 months old. We had his Dr. appointment on Tuesday and he weighed 12 lbs. 7.5 oz. He is in the 75th percentile for weight and height and has just moved into his 3-6 month clothes

He is on a good schedule of going to bed at 8 and waking up to eat at 2 and 6 then going back to bed until 9:30 or so. This has been better than the 1 and 5 because now I can just stay up after I feed him. I'm able to get more done before Logan wakes up at 7. This new schedule, if it sticks of course, will be great for when I return to work in 3 weeks.

Aaron has reflux we decided and I am avoiding dairy which has been very helpful. I do love ice cream, cereal, and cheese though, but it's certainly worth giving up to not have to hear him scream in pain after meal time and spit up a lot.

Aaron is a very happy baby and is so fun to watch smile and coo. We are so thankful that God gave him to our family. We love you sweet boy!