Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Logan lately

Logan is still keeping us busy. Thankfully the weather here has been so nice and we get to spend a lot of time messing up the back yard instead of the house. When we're not playing outside, Logan's favorite toy is my iPhone. I have several educational games on it and he consistently amazes us, not only with how well he recognizes shapes, colors, numbers and letters, but also at how well he operates my phone! Sometimes I have to remind myself that he is only 2. He knows how to unlock my phone and find all of the features - camera and "typing" (search screen) - and apps that he wants. I took him to a Junior League thing with me after school today and knew that he would be still and quiet for me if he had my phone. Sure enough!

Golfing using daddy's golf glove. The baseball cap and boots are the first things he runs to his room to get every day after school. And I don't know where he learned it (eh hem), but occasionally he will turn his hat backwards - super cute.

Sunday nights are Mexican restaurant nights for us. Logan is a super restaurant guest and since Aaron still sleeps a lot, these are enjoyable family outings.

Logan is fascinated by our lawn guys. He and Frank have become good buds and Logan likes to help out when he can.

Often lately I hear "put Aaron down." Tonight at dinner he wanted more milk and when Andrew got up to get it for him he asked that I "put Aaron down" and get it for him. Bossy?! And instead of calling Andrew daddy he called him Daffy Duck. Had to be there. . .

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