Sunday, May 15, 2011

*Logan in the Spotlight*

Hooray for Logan who went potty not once, but TWO times on Saturday!

I'm still not potty training, but I do present the opportunity several times a day and sometimes it works.

Most times it doesn't.

Logan does like to wear pull-ups, so he's been in them a lot lately. If that's what it takes to get him motivated, then so be it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

13 week news

Aaron slept all night Thursday! 7:30 - 6:45. This makes twice. Since then, though, he's been up several times a night and can't get himself back to sleep without a paci. The only good thing about this is that now that I'm back to work I call upon Andrew to make the trek across the house. We take turns. Andrew has no idea how many times Aaron gets up at night. He can sleep right through it. So maybe I'm just telling him we're taking turns, but actually letting him get up every time. (wink, wink) Andrew also doesn't read my blog, so he'll never know. . .

Aaron, lovingly called "the little one" around here, continues to be super sweet and easy-going. He enjoys watching Logan play and Logan enjoys narrating his play for Aaron. "I'm playing the guitar, baby Aaron." "Baby Aaron this is my truck." Logan is quick to stick a paci in Aaron's mouth if he gets fussy. He pushes it in pretty good, which sometimes leads to more fussy. Most times its really sweet to watch.

A few of the teachers at school call Aaron Scooter. They just think he looks like a Scooter they say. He does have a sweet goofy grin, so I get it.

Aaron is discovering his hands. He was propped on a pillow on the couch yesterday and I watched him stare at his hands for several minutes. I love to watch him learn. He is also starting to bat at the toys hanging from his play mat.

Oh - and I did move him to a size 2 diaper last week.

I love your dimply smile, little one, and the way you wake up happy. You bring so much joy to our lives. Each day we thank God for you.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mayfest 2011

This morning we went to Mayfest. We were there right as it opened because we knew it was going to be a scorcher and wanted to beat the heat and the crowds.

We enjoyed our stroll as a family. Logan got a corn dog of course and then ice cream as we were leaving. As we suspected he might, he dropped it before we got out the gate, but had had enough of it I guess because he wasn't at all upset about it.

Andrew helped Logan catch his first real fish in the Texas Parks and Wildlife section. And Andrew got to brush up on his archery skills. We stopped for lunch under a tree by one of the music stages. There was a one-man-show on stage with a guitar. Logan was in heaven watching him and showed everyone around his mad air guitar skills.

Andrew took the boys home for naps while I stayed to volunteer for a few hours. Then we played outside for an hour or so before settling down for dinner and a bath in "mommy's big bath tub."

This is one of those days that I'm reflecting on now that it's over and all I can do is smile at the fun we had. Everyone was happy today - all day. I'm so blessed to have a loving and helpful husband and two precious boys who are so full of smiles and energy. God is good.

In every picture I got once the fish was out of the water Logan's face is hidden by this guy's hand. ugh.

Don't be surprised if you see this awesome bounce house at our next birthday party.

We got to pet a real live horned frog! Logan didn't want to, but Andrew and I were proud to!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Aunt Amy Comes to Visit

My sister came for a visit 2 weeks ago. I'm so glad she was able to meet Aaron as a baby. She lives far away is keeps very busy, so we don't see each other nearly enough. She is the worlds greatest sister and we love her so much.
Don't be fooled by the look on Aaron's face. He likes her.

While Amy was here we had lunch with Catherine. Amy nannied for Catherine and her brother when Catherine was a baby/toddler. Then I nannied for them when they were a little older. Needless to say we feel very old that she is in college now.
We miss you Aunt Amy!!!

Mother's Day Tea

Today there was a tea at the boy's school. Moms were encouraged to wear hats. Why not?!

I drove across town with my hat on and got some funny looks. Then when I took it off on the way home Logan insisted that I put it back on.

Ms. Tabby is Logan's awesome teacher and she sang Isn't She Lovely for all the moms. I was blown away.

Aaron "made" me a potholder with his footprint on it and Logan made me a flower pot and planted a yellow flower in it. I'm so blessed to have such sweet boys. What more could a mom ask for?

12 Weeks Already?

Aaron is 12 weeks old today. That went way too fast! He is such a fun baby - happy and easy going. He weighs 14.3 pounds and is in his 3-6 month clothes and filling them in nicely. I still have lots of size 1 diapers I want to get thru, but he really should be in size 2. How many blow-outs will it take before I decide its worth it? More than 3!

Aaron has been in his bed since 8 weeks. From the start he was very comfortable in there. I have a mobile above his bed that shines stars onto a canopy. It runs for 10 minutes and if he isn't asleep when it's over then he can usually put himself to sleep shortly after. He isn't much of a paci guy and can (most of the time) soothe himself to sleep if it falls out. Right now he is going to bed by 8 and only waking once at 4:30. Last Sunday he made it until 6 AM, but I knew better than to get my hopes up. I can't complain.

On Wednesday he laughed for the first time. It was for Andrew of course. He always got Logan going, too, I remember. He is sitting in his Bumbo seat pretty well and enjoys tummy time for about 5 minutes at a time.

I just wish we would have figured out the sensitive stomach issues sooner. It would've saved both us and him the frustration and pain. Another bummer about this is that I have 100 oz in the freezer that I can't give him. It's tainted with my morning yogurt and evening ice cream eating from February and March. I'm hoping the local milk bank will be able to use it. I volunteered there several years ago, but don't remember the rules. I've just stopped breast-feeding (ouch!) as I am going back to work next week and have decided not to try and be super-mom. I have to be realistic and working and breastfeeding would just stress me out I think. He is on the sensitive formula - 5 x 5 oz bottles per day - and his tummy seems very happy.

Aaron spent a few hours on T, W, Th this week in his class at school. He did really great. I'm guessing he's got the advantage of having constant toddler noise at home and found his classroom quite tranquil in comparison. There are only 2 infants in the class - one per teacher. The other kids are all crawlers and walkers. This is great news because he will get lots of attention from Ms. Elaine (Logan's old teacher) and will have the benefit of learning from the older kids.

Asher's brother AJ (Aaron Jax) came to play for a few minutes while my friend Jenn ran an errand. He's 4 months older. We had no idea we were both naming our sons Aaron. So what were we talking about during pregnancy?!

My mom snapped this of Aaron as we walked out the door Tuesday for his first trial run at school.