Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trike-a-thon 2011

Today Logan participated in his first trike-a-thon at school benefiting St. Jude Children's Research. And because the school normally has a July 4th parade anyway, they combined the two events. I am so glad that my office is literally right across the street so that I can make it to fun things like this.

This week at school the focus was on bike safety, so the kids were supposed to practice all their new knowledge on the bike course today. It was total chaos if you can imagine. Great fun to watch!

We decorated Logan's bike last night and he was excited to ride it into school this morning and sad to leave it out on the playground to get to class. I sent him to school in an American rocker guitar shirt, but was thrilled to see that one of his teachers painted shirts for all of his class. I wish I could've gotten a group photo, but I can't even get my two boys together for a picture (and one of them isn't even mobile yet!).
Serious rider. Piper is crying because she was on Logan's bike and the teachers made here get off and find her own bike. Logan really doesn't seem to bothered by it, huh?

the calm

the storm

Best buds Owen and Logan

love this one of Owen - nice tat big guy!

I just want him to stay this age for a little bit longer.

Aaron and Caleb in their "float" for the parade. They were only out there for a few minutes because it was H.O.T.






The gals from Aaron's class

Piper and Henry waiting for popsicles

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aaron sleeping

Aaron has slept all night for the past three nights. Didn't even wake for a paci! Yippeee!!!!

Rappelling video

Here is video of me and Kristin descending our last few floors. I'm trying to get Logan's attention.

Aaron laughing

Here is a video of Aaron laughing last weekend. I'm holding him and the camera. Sorry if you get sick watching it. . .

Friday, June 24, 2011


Two weeks ago we had our first professional family photo session and we finally have a good picture of the boys together! And this is the ONLY shot of them from the whole session. Logan was having way too much fun running around to sit still for pictures. A huge thank you to Colleen Boyd who is new to the photography business. We had great fun and love our pictures!!!

Over the Edge

I rappelled down the 26 story XTO building downtown today. One of my bosses was a sponsor for the charity event benefitting Downtown Fort Worth Inc and was given 4 spots. I gladly accepted when she asked who from the office would like to participate. The closer we were to actually rappelling, the more nervous I got. Wasn't nearly as scary leaning back as I thought it would be though. And that was arguably the hardest part.

So glad that I got to be a part of this. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Great fun!!!

Some of you followed my blog stream during the event, but I will combine them here for those who didn't follow. I'm still working on gathering all the pictures/videos that all of my co-workers and friends took, but here are some from my iPhone.

About to go in the building and up the elevator - major butterflies!

on the elevator

On 24th floor in hold mode. 10 minutes behind schedule. Palms sweaty. Mouth dry.

Peter Parker!

Spiderman will save me if I fall. Somewhat less nervous now.

guys gearing up

on the roof (it's windy up here!)

down safely. tons of fun!
that concludes the live feed I was posting. Here are some more pictures that our volunteer got when I had to hand over my phone.




I'm on the left. Kristin is right

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all of the wonderful dads in my life!

I'm so grateful that I have a dad who has always been so supportive and loving. He's taught me so much about life and love and I'm a better person because of him.

Then there's my amazing husband. He is a super-great dad to our boys, so loving and patient. He's also a ton of fun and the boys just love being goofy with him. I love to watch Logan and Andrew body slam and tackle, tickle and chase all over the house. And Aaron's face just lights up at the sound of Andrew's voice. We love you Andrew!

Andrew's dad is so supportive, loving and helpful, too. Thank you, Bob, for all the manual labor you did for us this weekend.

Our boys just love both of their granddads so much. We are so blessed!


BIG NEWS! Aaron started rolling over on Saturday. First back to front and then front to back. He's done it several times since. I've also stopped swaddling him. It is so hot and I think he's gaining some control of his arms, so it made sense. He's sleeping great in his sleep sack.

Bob and Judy were in town this weekend for Aaron's dedication at church. My parents already had plans to be with Philip in South Texas. We missed them : (

Logan ran out of the bathroom naked Friday night before his bath to show me his 2nd completed potty chart. Hooray for Logan! He'll start big boy undies later this week I think. Like I don't have enough laundry to do as it is. . .
So proud of my sweet boys on their major milestones!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

blogging from my iPhone

this was an experiment. i am now able to blog by sending a picture (haven't figured out text yet) to a super secret email address and it instantly posts to my blog. neato. thanks blogger.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look Who's 4 Months Old!

Aaron was 4 months old on Saturday. He weighed 15 1/2 lbs then, but when I weighed him tonight he was 17 lbs! We will get the official Dr. weight tomorrow afternoon.

Aaron is working is way into 6-9 month clothes. He is a drool machine and always has his hands in his mouth. Aaron is a great sleeper still. 7:30-6:30 waking only to be re-swaddled once each night.

Aaron is laughing, which I will get on video soon, and blowing raspberries (drooly ones) when he wants to tell us something.

Update: Dr. weight was 16 lbs 6 1/2 oz (75th percentile) and measured 26" (90th percentile) Aaron got 2 shots and an oral vaccine. It was super sad for a few minutes, but he didn't have any negative reactions.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chubby Cheeks and Tricycles

We've been having too much fun lately to blog. Memorial Day weekend brought lots of play dates with school friends and neighbors. Aaron is a super happy little trooper Here are a few pictures of my sweet boys over the last few days.

love that smile. kissableishious cheeks!!!! above pic and below. muah, muah, muah. sweet, fun boys!

Logan and I went to Target Saturday morning for a swimsuit. I came home with at tee ball set, a tricycle, and a cart full of other irresistible Target goodies. Darn store gets me every time!

Aaron's starting to grab onto things. . . and pull them to his mouth. . .

Logan with neighbors Asher and Drew. Always nice to play with other people's toys for a while.

Logan and Olivia throwing coins in the fountain at Joe Ts. Olivia is just transitioning up to Logan's class at school. We've had several talks about being sweet to the younger kids and helping them out. When I asked him this morning on the way to school if he was going to be sweet (he usually is!), he said, "i'm going to be mean to them." Stinker head. I asked his teacher today if he was sweet. She assured me he had a good day. I think he says it just get to me. Already like his dad and Grandpa. . .sigh. . .

AND. . .he's all about his friend Owen lately. We were at Owen's house with some other classmates over the weekend and has been talking about it since. Another car conversation, both yesterday and today:
Me: "Logan are you going to be a good listener today and listen to Ms. Tabby and Mrs. Monique?"
Logan: "No, I'm going to listen to Owen."

A few fits and a little whiny sometimes, but remedied quickly with an eye-to-eye chat or a time out. 2 1/2 (and he'll tell you that when you ask how old he is!) is hard, so I've realized that the more patient and understanding I am, the better he does. Mostly its total silliness around here. And Aaron's just along for the crazy ride!

Old news

Several weeks ago Andrew took Logan to his first TCU baseball game. Logan didn't nap, but played in his bed for 2 plus hours that day, so I finally went to get him. Too late for a nap now. So we got him dressed and off they went. And on the way. . .
and they had fun, but Andrew says Logan wasn't too interested in the game, but he did like playing on the lawn and watching the older kids.


Logan is standing up to potty now. And after a few big messes in his small potty, we're using the big potty exclusively. Does great at school. Doesn't show much interest at home. Wearing pull-ups except for at bed time. More interested in flushing the "tinkle targets" than tinkling on them. Still no #2. I still like to say I'm not officially potty training, but maybe I am. Just waiting for him to get it and I think he will.

Aaron is sleeping thru the night. He stirs a lot as he works his way out of his swaddle. He likes to have his right hand by his face. Sometimes I have to go in and re-swaddle, but he's not eating at night and I guess that's what I consider "sleeping thru the night."

I say all that and then throw a huge BUT out there:

Andrew went to Detroit for work a few weeks ago and, I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING, Aaron woke up 9 (NINE) times the night he left. Every hour (and then some) starting the second I laid my head down at 10:43 PM. The next night it was 5 times, then 4. Then when Andrew was back that Friday. . . . YEP. You guessed it. Slept solid 12 hours. How do they know?! He's been great ever since though, thankfully.