Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trike-a-thon 2011

Today Logan participated in his first trike-a-thon at school benefiting St. Jude Children's Research. And because the school normally has a July 4th parade anyway, they combined the two events. I am so glad that my office is literally right across the street so that I can make it to fun things like this.

This week at school the focus was on bike safety, so the kids were supposed to practice all their new knowledge on the bike course today. It was total chaos if you can imagine. Great fun to watch!

We decorated Logan's bike last night and he was excited to ride it into school this morning and sad to leave it out on the playground to get to class. I sent him to school in an American rocker guitar shirt, but was thrilled to see that one of his teachers painted shirts for all of his class. I wish I could've gotten a group photo, but I can't even get my two boys together for a picture (and one of them isn't even mobile yet!).
Serious rider. Piper is crying because she was on Logan's bike and the teachers made here get off and find her own bike. Logan really doesn't seem to bothered by it, huh?

the calm

the storm

Best buds Owen and Logan

love this one of Owen - nice tat big guy!

I just want him to stay this age for a little bit longer.

Aaron and Caleb in their "float" for the parade. They were only out there for a few minutes because it was H.O.T.






The gals from Aaron's class

Piper and Henry waiting for popsicles

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