Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Look Who's 4 Months Old!

Aaron was 4 months old on Saturday. He weighed 15 1/2 lbs then, but when I weighed him tonight he was 17 lbs! We will get the official Dr. weight tomorrow afternoon.

Aaron is working is way into 6-9 month clothes. He is a drool machine and always has his hands in his mouth. Aaron is a great sleeper still. 7:30-6:30 waking only to be re-swaddled once each night.

Aaron is laughing, which I will get on video soon, and blowing raspberries (drooly ones) when he wants to tell us something.

Update: Dr. weight was 16 lbs 6 1/2 oz (75th percentile) and measured 26" (90th percentile) Aaron got 2 shots and an oral vaccine. It was super sad for a few minutes, but he didn't have any negative reactions.

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