Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chubby Cheeks and Tricycles

We've been having too much fun lately to blog. Memorial Day weekend brought lots of play dates with school friends and neighbors. Aaron is a super happy little trooper Here are a few pictures of my sweet boys over the last few days.

love that smile. kissableishious cheeks!!!! above pic and below. muah, muah, muah. sweet, fun boys!

Logan and I went to Target Saturday morning for a swimsuit. I came home with at tee ball set, a tricycle, and a cart full of other irresistible Target goodies. Darn store gets me every time!

Aaron's starting to grab onto things. . . and pull them to his mouth. . .

Logan with neighbors Asher and Drew. Always nice to play with other people's toys for a while.

Logan and Olivia throwing coins in the fountain at Joe Ts. Olivia is just transitioning up to Logan's class at school. We've had several talks about being sweet to the younger kids and helping them out. When I asked him this morning on the way to school if he was going to be sweet (he usually is!), he said, "i'm going to be mean to them." Stinker head. I asked his teacher today if he was sweet. She assured me he had a good day. I think he says it just get to me. Already like his dad and Grandpa. . .sigh. . .

AND. . .he's all about his friend Owen lately. We were at Owen's house with some other classmates over the weekend and has been talking about it since. Another car conversation, both yesterday and today:
Me: "Logan are you going to be a good listener today and listen to Ms. Tabby and Mrs. Monique?"
Logan: "No, I'm going to listen to Owen."

A few fits and a little whiny sometimes, but remedied quickly with an eye-to-eye chat or a time out. 2 1/2 (and he'll tell you that when you ask how old he is!) is hard, so I've realized that the more patient and understanding I am, the better he does. Mostly its total silliness around here. And Aaron's just along for the crazy ride!

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