Friday, January 22, 2010

More Random Pictures

Logan weighs 25 pounds and I'm about to move him into a size 4 diaper. He is napping on a cot at school instead of in a crib and is only getting his paci at naptime and bedtime. He's a little boy now and he's keeping us really busy. His favorite place to play (inside) is in our bathroom. He carries my hair dryer and Chi iron all over the house along with brushes and lotion. He says "ball" and "boots" mostly, but when you ask him where something is he points to it. Eyes, ears, mouth, belly button, toes, fingers, fan and hundreds of other things. He just can't verbalize it yet. He wiggles his fingers together in the car when he wants me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and when you say dog he says "woof".

Bath time tonight.


Exploring outside. Logan gets really sad when he has to come inside. And I can't let Lucy out while he's watching or he wants to go too. And this is okay most of the time, but ,people, he could LIVE out there if you let him.

Thank you for my hamburger shirt Aunt Kristi!

Fort Worth's NEW Museum of Science and History

Maybe my new favorite place! I bought a memebership last week and Logan and I went with my BFF Kim and her girls on Monday. Much of our time was spent in the Children's Museum, but I can't wait to go back and see all the other stuff.

The children's area is super cool. There's a medical area (where Logan spent most of our visit) where kids can play with Xrays and babies. . . a grocery store where the kids can scan their cart full of food. . . a gigantic train area where I imagine we'll camp out in 3 or 4 years.

Don't worry, Lexie; I have this under control.


Poppy, will you please get me an ambulance for my house?! (Just a joke, Dad. Please don't)

Looking at other kids waiting for him to get tired so they could drive. Yeah right, kids! Move along. . .

At the zoo

Little behind on posting. I also still have a dining room full of Christmas decor that needs putting away. But we're having fun. . .

Andrew kept Logan last weekend so I could go to a bachelorette party in Dallas. It was nice to get a break, but I missed my boys.

The second I got back I took Logan to the zoo so Andrew could watch the (very sad) Cowboys game in peace. It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with my sweet boy at the zoo. Logan is most interested in the animals that are the busiest, so the birds were his FAVORITE! I thought for sure he was going to step on one and kept thinking about how I was going to explain it the lady selling bird seed. Luckily he's not quick enough. . .yet!

the excitement at 26 or 27 seconds is my favorite part

A few funny memories to note:

- While trying to get Logan interested in the very active River Otter in the Texas Wild Exhibit, he just kept pointing at the ceiling fan and moving his arms round and round. I tried to explain that we have fans at home, but. . .

- Logan was able to spot EVERY ball in the animal exhibits. The rhino had a ball, the elephants had a ball, the baby cow at the petting zoo had a ball. He was far more interested in the balls than the animals themselves.

- Logan learned a fish noise/face at school and every time I say fish or we see a fish he makes the cutest face. Needless to say, I pointed at a lot of fish. I'll have to get this on video.

We rode the train and pet a goat. I foresee many weekend zoo excursions!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a few random pictures

Thanks for my rockin' PJs Aunt Amy!

Bob Thomas has the most well-fed squirrels and birds even in the snow. They come right up to the door if you put some extra food there.

I think it was single digit temps and he's out there feeding them!!!

lunch like a big boy in the airport Christmas day

You know it's too cold when. . .

your pool is frozen! We've had a layer of ice on our pool for 2 days now (1/2 to 3/4 inch). We had fun playing yesterday morning.

Fiesta Bawl

The game obviously didn't have the outcome we were hoping for, but we had a super fun trip with our friends.

My co-worker Jeff and his wife Erika

Since we were tailgating out of our element, someone had an ingenious idea - hotel ironing board!

family friends from Omaha

Dancin' and Slidin'

Here's a peak into our special family evening time. Logan's favorite song is Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. Sesame Street theme song is a distant 2nd. Family dance parties are my new favorite thing!

Logan is also very quick to show you his belly button. He'll show you mine too if he can reach it. He also has this nerve-wracking no-fear attitude when it comes to going down his slide. We don't mind the head first approach, but half the time he just starts walking down it. Aye Dios mio!