Friday, January 22, 2010

More Random Pictures

Logan weighs 25 pounds and I'm about to move him into a size 4 diaper. He is napping on a cot at school instead of in a crib and is only getting his paci at naptime and bedtime. He's a little boy now and he's keeping us really busy. His favorite place to play (inside) is in our bathroom. He carries my hair dryer and Chi iron all over the house along with brushes and lotion. He says "ball" and "boots" mostly, but when you ask him where something is he points to it. Eyes, ears, mouth, belly button, toes, fingers, fan and hundreds of other things. He just can't verbalize it yet. He wiggles his fingers together in the car when he wants me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and when you say dog he says "woof".

Bath time tonight.


Exploring outside. Logan gets really sad when he has to come inside. And I can't let Lucy out while he's watching or he wants to go too. And this is okay most of the time, but ,people, he could LIVE out there if you let him.

Thank you for my hamburger shirt Aunt Kristi!

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Katie said...

Marlie...Logan is just so precious. I LOVE his little puffy vest and big, blue eyes. You must be so proud!!