Friday, January 22, 2010

At the zoo

Little behind on posting. I also still have a dining room full of Christmas decor that needs putting away. But we're having fun. . .

Andrew kept Logan last weekend so I could go to a bachelorette party in Dallas. It was nice to get a break, but I missed my boys.

The second I got back I took Logan to the zoo so Andrew could watch the (very sad) Cowboys game in peace. It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with my sweet boy at the zoo. Logan is most interested in the animals that are the busiest, so the birds were his FAVORITE! I thought for sure he was going to step on one and kept thinking about how I was going to explain it the lady selling bird seed. Luckily he's not quick enough. . .yet!

the excitement at 26 or 27 seconds is my favorite part

A few funny memories to note:

- While trying to get Logan interested in the very active River Otter in the Texas Wild Exhibit, he just kept pointing at the ceiling fan and moving his arms round and round. I tried to explain that we have fans at home, but. . .

- Logan was able to spot EVERY ball in the animal exhibits. The rhino had a ball, the elephants had a ball, the baby cow at the petting zoo had a ball. He was far more interested in the balls than the animals themselves.

- Logan learned a fish noise/face at school and every time I say fish or we see a fish he makes the cutest face. Needless to say, I pointed at a lot of fish. I'll have to get this on video.

We rode the train and pet a goat. I foresee many weekend zoo excursions!

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Anne said...

Does TCU have a 'bird herding' major?