Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Friends

This is Monkey. Monkey and Logan have always been pretty tight, but their relationship has really been taken to a new level lately. Monkey, we think, is a real person to Logan. Monkey does everything Logan does. Monkey ride bike. Monkey climb up tree. Monkey read book. Monkey brush teeth. Monkey touch it. Change diaper Monkey.

One night last week I was reading Logan a book before bed. He took it out of my hands, climbed off the rocker, grabbed Monkey and tucked away into a cozy spot between his rocker and his bed. He made sure that Monkey was sitting up straight right next to him then he searched the pages for the "gorigga" (or rigga when he's in a hurry). Once he found the page with big gorilla on it, he grabbed Monkey's head and pressed it up to the picture, "Gorigga, Monkey." Then he continued to grab Monkey's head and move it from picture to picture telling him what each animal was. I could've watched this all night. I wish so badly that I had it on video.

Monkey rides to school with us every day and stays in Logan's car seat all day. The way that Logan's face lights up when they are reunited after school is too sweet. This has become one of my favorite times of day.

Logan and Monkey sitting on splatter guards in the kitchen.

This evening after Logan and Monkey were done riding the bike we went to play in the sandbox. When we went back to the bike later there was a lizard on it. We watched it for a while as it jumped from the wheel to the seat and crawled around. Then Logan wanted to touch it. When we encouraged him to touch it he said, "No. Monkey touch it." I guess Monkey is a little more brave than Logan right now. So he ran to get Monkey, held his hand and stretched it out toward the lizard. Neither ended up getting to touch it, but it was fun to watch them point and say "boo lizard!"

I think Monkey is starting to seem a little real to me too. Maybe having another real playmate in the house will be a nice change for us all.

Oh yeah - we're having another BOY!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A busy weekend

Saturday we started at the duck pond with Asher. The place was a mess because the recent rain had flooded it, but we still had fun and the ducks were very hungry. Asher had never been to the duck pond, so it was fun to watch him explore. He loves water and crossed under the chains and went for a little swim. Fortunately we were very close by and momma Jenn (who is 8 months pregnant) jumped in after him. It was quite a sight! Both were soaked from head to toe. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Our duck pond visit ended pretty abruptly.

After nap time we headed out to the TCU game. We were pretty nervous about this season because of Logan's age. Notice the "if lost, please look inside" bracelet on his arm. Our sweet boy has no fear and has some serious speed, so we took caution. The heat index was 105 and the sticky bracelet didn't last long. I'll loop it through his shoe next time. There was nothing relaxing about tailgating - it was hot and we rotated turns following Logan through the parking lot.

Here is our sweaty, red-faced baby boy eating his first brownie. He also managed to cute himself into a giant cookie from another tailgate, so that took care of dinner! So much for the Chick-fil-a nuggets Corey brought him. I know it sounds gross, but I could've sniffed on him all day. I LOVE sweaty baby boy smell.

In the stands with daddy. It was hot up there, too, and he was worn out.
And once the game started he did this the entire first quarter. Turns out it was the noise. "TCU loud" is a common phrase around here now. It took us a while to figure out what his deal was. I thought maybe the heat, so we pulled his jersey up and blew all over him and tried to give him lots of water. He did better in the 2nd quarter because I kept his ears covered. We're getting a sitter for the Baylor game this weekend because it is a nap-time game and it promises to be much louder.

After church on Sunday we swung by Target so I could grab a card for a baby shower that afternoon. I'm a sucker for the toy section and we found this bike 1/2 off! He pretty much loves it. Too bad he doesn't know how to pedal quite yet because Andrew and I have to do a lot of pushing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pudding and Puddle Jumping

On occasion I pack sugar free vanilla pudding in Logan's lunch box. A friend of mine at work (also pregnant) has been eating chocolate pudding, which I always think looks so yummy. So last time I was at the store I picked up a vanilla/chocolate value pack. Logan found it in the pantry, opened the box and brought me chocolate pudding. It was a holiday weekend, so he had dessert before dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The remnants of hurricane Hermine have dumped a ton of rain on us the past few days. We're glad for the free lawn watering and we love puddle jumping. Everyone wins!

Labor Day

We had a very relaxing weekend once all of our house guests left on Sunday. It was nice to have Labor Day off to re-group. We drove up to Keller to have lunch with our old neighbors. Katelyn and Logan are so much fun to watch now that they've started almost playing together.

Katie was so sweet to share all of her toys with Logan. Mostly this car. He spent 93% of our visit in this car.

Football's back!

TCU kicked off the season with a win over Oregon State last weekend at Cowboys Stadium. We had several friends in town and had a blast hosting at home and tailgating at the game. Logan stayed at home with the sitter. Jerry charged us an ungodly amount for tickets and we just couldn't risk not getting to see the whole game.

I made a special batch of (virgin) purple lemonade and had blueberry vodka available to mix in. It was a pretty yummy (and festive!) drink I hear. So that morning I had to go to Walmart to get a cooler with a spout for my new game-day beverage. We had some time to kill, so we strolled through the toy section. I made several laps around the aisles pulling Logan. He didn't want to take his sunglasses off, so he looks extra cool I think. Not to mention how old he looks.
Hanging out in the back yard while the guys played around

Royce, Matt and Matt

Our tailgate with Jerry's house in the background