Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 Months (and 3 days)

Logan was 15 months old on Saturday. We had his check-up today and he is 31" long weighs 24 pounds 13 ounces. 75th percentile for both.

During the appointment Logan squatted down to . . .you know. . .and so our pediatrician said that was a good indication that he may be interested in a potty. WHAT!? Yeah so I went and bought one. He is so not interested. Doc says to not officially potty train him (duh!), but to "invite" him to sit on it every night before bath time. Ha! I know Logan isn't ready for this step, but just the fact a plastic potty now sits on the floor of his bathroom is a reminder that he is growing up WAY TOO FAST!

The best word to describe Logan right now is Silly. He is a total goof ball and makes all kinds of silly noises and then laughs at himself. Just tonight he was drinking milk out of an open cup and would blow bubbles in it, pour it on himself, then die laughing about how funny it all was. I would only put about a tablespoon of milk in his glass each time, so we got to do this over and over again. It was messy, but I was having a great time watching him. (I'm kicking myself right now because I thought I caught it on video, which was one of the main reasons I sat down to blog tonight, but I guess I didn't push the record button.)

Then it was off to the bathtub. Logan has a book - I love you through and through - and his favorite page is the page "I love your outside" where the baby is in a bucket and bubbles are flying all over. So Andrew bought some bubble bath and a few nights ago we gave bubbles a try. You would've thought we put the child into a bath of boiling hot water. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with bubbles. He stood the whole bath trying to climb out. Tonight I put the tiniest drop of bubble bath in so we could ease into this whole bubble thing, but he was still very hesitant to sit down. We said bye bye to our Elmo bubbles for a while.

Logan is becoming such a sweet little boy. He is giving kisses on cue and gives hugs, too. He is almost running we think and will "run" toward us and wrap his around us. Or Lucy. Lucy and Logan are quite the pair. I think Logan is really growing on Lucy. She tries to act cool about it, but that dog loves that baby!

Logan's favorite word is still ball. And I don't think he says it all the time because it is his favorite word. I think he says it because it is his favorite THING in the whole world! We keep our real basketball in the garage on the counter and I'm not kidding when I say that Logan starts talking about it when we turn into the neighborhood. BaBaa, BaBaaa, BA BAAAA! (we don't have the L sound yet) There are two new infants in his class as of last week who have really interrupted his nap time, so he has fallen asleep on the ride home a few times recently. I try to get him out of his car seat without waking him, but he always snaps awake and before his eyes are even open all the way. . "BAAAA" Andrew and I have enjoyed working on our lay ups. Though left-handed is more difficult as Logan prefers you hold him while you play.

And Logan likes playing basketball indoors too. I'm excited for good weather so I can move this toy outside.

At 15 months Logan is getting much better with a spoon. Oatmeal is easiest because it is sticky. He says bye-bye, dada, mama, ball, bath, stuck, up, more, car, uh oh, squirrel. He signs more, please, food, all done. He points to himself and says dada, so I think he's working on "logan." Animal sounds include elephant (our favorite because it comes complete with an arm in the air for a trunk), lion, monkey, dog, cat, fish, crocodile (not a sound, but a big clap of the arms), cow, duck, bird.

A lot of this is just for my own documentation. Thanks for hanging in there!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My 'lil Valentine

Logan's making his Valentine cards. Thank heavens Crayola paint is non-toxic. Maybe I should've waited until AFTER dinner for this activity?!

Logan's Valentine treats for his classmates. I have so much fun with this stuff!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Video Session

I took a 7 minute video of Logan yesterday. Following are bits and pieces of it - the "more interesting" parts I guess you could say. This is for the grandmas and aunties who need their Logan fix. (Thanks Karyn for the Vimeo idea. It is way faster to upload I think)

At the 4 second mark, Logan mumbles something and waves his arms around. This is his "Go Frogs" cheer. It is so fun when he really gets going with it, but what I think is so cute about this video is how he gets shy and buries his head.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More snow

I picked Logan up early from school today because we're under a winter storm advisory. It started snowing in the middle of the night and it is still falling. It's so beautiful!

Logan's opinion of snow hasn't changed much since Christmas. He likes to be in it as long as I'm holding him, but the second I put him down snow is no longer very much fun.

The plan was to build a snowman, but that's pretty hard to do one-handed I learned.


A few weeks ago Logan and I went to the Rodeo with our friends Asher and his mommy Jenn.