Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Lazys

Part of my New Years resolution was to start giving myself a break.  The Marlie of the past couldn't go to sleep with anything undone.  The Marlie of 2012 has become surprisingly laid back (in my opinion).

What this means for me:  I'm reading again!!!  (Hunger Games series and Boys Should Be Boys)  I spend a while every night reading instead of cleaning, watching my shows instead of organizing something. Now I just need to make time to workout again.  I was supposed to run everyday in 2012 even if just a few blocks.  I'm 25 days behind on that one.

What this means for you:  I've become a really lazy blogger.

So here's a teaser and a promise to blog soon about Aaron being 11 1/2 months old and about Christmas that feels like it was so long ago.  And for those of you on "FB", you should "friend" my husband because he posts a lot of the boys . . . so I hear.  (Oh Facebook. . . )