Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Fun

The past few weeks have been super fun and very busy. We have ourselves pretty booked this summer and I hope to be able to keep up on my posting.

Last Saturday Logan and I went to our former neighbor's house in Keller to celebrate the end to their school year. Andrew went to the Indy race with a friend, so he missed out. Katelyn is 4 months younger than Logan and is so darling and is also very good at sharing. Logan had fun discovering all of Katelyn's toys. I didn't get a cute picture of the two together (Did you, Liz?). They did all the cute stuff right after we put are cameras away. Here is Katelyn and her awesome mommy.

We've been getting in our pool a lot lately. Logan isn't a fan of his floatie, so until I figure out what he will like, we carry him around ourselves. He likes to play on the steps, too.

The Wards came over this Friday for an evening swim. Lexie was so brave on the slide. This, of course, made Logan want to slide, but we're not quite ready for that yet. He tried several times to get to the ladder before we could catch him. We'll have to keep a very close eye on our little daredevil. He loves to be thrown in the air and jump off the side. He doesn't even wait for the three count - he just steps off in our direction and hopes we're paying attention.

Lexie reminded me after dinner Friday that I had treats for them. Logan and Lexie enjoyed miniature drumsticks. This was Logan's first icecream cone that was all his own.

We started music class at TCU last Monday and it was so fun. Now we listen to the music in the car, too, and after every song Logan says "again?" The welcome song at class goes, "Helloooo to Logan, so glad to see you. Hellooo to Logan, we're so glad to see you." They go around the room singing this to everyone, so in this video you'll hear Logan start the song for us. "LOoooo"

I went to Austin yesterday for a fundraiser and met up with some of my Austin friends for the night. We had a great time at a casino party and I learned to play Craps. . .kinda. Logan and Andrew went to cousin Raleigh's birthday party while I was gone, but I don't have any picutes to prove either of these events took place.

Another exciting week ahead. I'll be back!Logan loves to walk around in our shoes.
just hangin' out with my dad by the sandbox