Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Not much new to report or show right now. My glucose test came back fine, so that's nice.

We've ordered a new computer (no, Dad, not a Mac) and so I'm going through old files and pictures on our desktop and came across this little gem. It is a video of an implosion we went to in downtown Fort Worth in March 2006. We had been to our first implosion several months earlier in Dallas of a 5 story building and thought it was too cool, so when we heard that this 30+ story building was coming down we were so excited. Downtown was packed this morning and we were so glad we were there. If you ever get the chance to see one for yourself I'd recommend taking the time and making the trip to do it. It really is incredible to watch a building just disappear from a skyline.

(there's no sound for some reason)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

27 Weeks

I had my last 2nd trimester appointment today and it went very well. I took my glucose test and will know the results on Friday. I'm pretty confident that it will all be fine because I just have been really blessed all my life to not have any health issues, BUT I can't stop eating cookies!!!! So I keep thinking that maybe my levels will be off. You know when you tell yourself to eat healthier and the very second you do, your will power just flies out the window? Well that's how I was with sweets this week. I told myself that Saturday would be my last day to eat sweets until after my test, but I can't count on one hand how many BIG cookies I've had since then. Two BIG chocolate chunk cookies, one BIG white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, one BIG sugar cookie, one BIG peanut butter cookie, and one BIG snickerdoodle. And those are just the ones I remember eating. . . in 4 days! Not to mention a bowl of ice cream here and there . . .

So aside from getting poked with one needle to have blood drawn, I had to get another shot - an Rh immune globulin shot - since I have a negative blood type. Long story short, if Logan has a positive blood type and it mixes with mine in birth then my body will start producing antibodies that aren't good for me or my next baby. Google it if my explination doesn't satisfy you.

Here are some pictures of me today at 27 weeks.

Whoa! Is that a belly button popping out?! I'm pretty sure it has never seen so much light. . .or soap!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


About 6 weeks ago sleeping became much more difficult for me. I had been adding a pillow a week to my side of the bed. First, between my legs, then behind my back, then one in front of me, too. It was getting complicated and I'd wake up every night and one area would need adjusting. We were in Babies R Us one day and decided that maybe it was time to try ONE pillow that could support all of those areas. We bought a Snoogle. . .and Lucy thinks it is the best purchase we've ever made, aside from her lime green rubber sweaky ball - MOST ANNOYING TOY EVER. For those of you who call us in the evenings and hear it in the background you know what we're talking about. She always chooses to "play" with it, conveniently, while we are on the phone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Sister

We're pretty sure Lucy knows something fishy is going on. She hid under the dining room table while we were working on the nursery Tuesday night. Normally this is where she hides when she's stolen a sock to snack on, but we checked several times and no sock!

Lucy is our #1 right now and we even JOKED that if it doesn't work out between Logan and Lucy that we'd have to find a good home for Logan. We know that there won't be any problems because of Lucy's sweet nature, but we're still anxious because she won't be but 2 years old when he arrives and our pup still has a LOT of energy.

On the flip side, we're so glad that Lucy's still so much fun. We can't wait to see Logan play with her as a toddler!

Here are some pictures of our #1 pup when my bff and college roommate Lauren and her sweet new Easton came for a visit.

Baby Steps

Well, it's 8:30 pm and Andrew is already in bed for the night. At around 8:30 last night we decided to start in on the nursery. Getting the dresser unpacked and in place took maybe 30 minutes and then we started in on the crib. Somewhere around the beginning of the project I looked at the clock and it read 9:22 pm. We were done by 11! Andrew did such a great job and I am so proud of him. Several people had wished him luck, but it turns out that he didn't need it. He's a natural! I told him it was a sign that we needed more than 2 kids (HIS magic number- ha!)

Once all the cardboard and styrofoam was moved out to the garage we sat down to watch the Olympics. We're pretty into it. We watched women's gymnastics and indoor volleyball and I don't know what else. We didn't make it to bed until 1 am. We're pooped!

Here are some picures of dear Andrew and the half nursery half guest room.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Bump

Here's a picture of the bump last week. I'm a bit bigger this week, but am going to wait until I'm dressed cuter with my hair down before I take another picture (that means any day before noon).

Hello Internet!

I am 26 weeks pregnant today. With little one's arrival quickly approaching I thought I'd better get this portion of our life organized before it gets crazy. Next I will dry clean the carpet, scrub the baseboards and try not to be a know-it-all as I watch Andrew put the crib together.

With my parents in San Antonio, Andrew's in Omaha, and friends and family scattered across the country, we've received many hopeful inquiries about whether or not we would be bloggers. I've casually responed yes to everyone, but with the disclaimer that I do not promise to be good at it. You probably won't see a new posting every day or even week. I'm one to get frustrated by lazy bloggers, but don't judge me - I've got the disclaimer!

We just returned from our summer visit to Omaha, which was our last planned trip for the year. Now I can focus on getting the nursery and house prepared for our sweet boy's grand entrance into our world. His bedding is here and I got a voicemail just as we boarded our flight this weekend that his furniture has arrived as well! Pictures will follow soon once our guest room looks less like a pile of light blue fluffiness and more like a nursery.

And yes, he has a name - Logan Allen Thomas