Thursday, August 14, 2008


About 6 weeks ago sleeping became much more difficult for me. I had been adding a pillow a week to my side of the bed. First, between my legs, then behind my back, then one in front of me, too. It was getting complicated and I'd wake up every night and one area would need adjusting. We were in Babies R Us one day and decided that maybe it was time to try ONE pillow that could support all of those areas. We bought a Snoogle. . .and Lucy thinks it is the best purchase we've ever made, aside from her lime green rubber sweaky ball - MOST ANNOYING TOY EVER. For those of you who call us in the evenings and hear it in the background you know what we're talking about. She always chooses to "play" with it, conveniently, while we are on the phone.

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Anne said...

Shall I go get her her own pillow? What color cover would she want for hers?