Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Sister

We're pretty sure Lucy knows something fishy is going on. She hid under the dining room table while we were working on the nursery Tuesday night. Normally this is where she hides when she's stolen a sock to snack on, but we checked several times and no sock!

Lucy is our #1 right now and we even JOKED that if it doesn't work out between Logan and Lucy that we'd have to find a good home for Logan. We know that there won't be any problems because of Lucy's sweet nature, but we're still anxious because she won't be but 2 years old when he arrives and our pup still has a LOT of energy.

On the flip side, we're so glad that Lucy's still so much fun. We can't wait to see Logan play with her as a toddler!

Here are some pictures of our #1 pup when my bff and college roommate Lauren and her sweet new Easton came for a visit.


Valerie said...

Lucy is so great with kids! No worries at all! I wish I had read this post earlier today so I could have peaked in at the nursery! Now I have to wait until Monday! :-(

Amy Cheshire said...

You joke about finding a good home for Logan, but as your sister and someone who loves you with all her heart, I feel the responsibility to tell you - there will be days you wish you could lick a stamp, stick it on the kid's head and leave him by the mailbox for the post man. God makes them super cute for a reason. There are also days you want to pull a Jolie-Pitt and have tons of babies and squeeze 'em all! I'd opt for the baby, they don't leave hair on your couch. Can't wait to see my lil' nephew!

Rachel said...

Awww! That is too cute. My pedi says that kids who grow up with dogs in their houses have better immune systems. Let me know if it works out really well and you decide you want 2 more dogs lol!