Wednesday, August 20, 2008

27 Weeks

I had my last 2nd trimester appointment today and it went very well. I took my glucose test and will know the results on Friday. I'm pretty confident that it will all be fine because I just have been really blessed all my life to not have any health issues, BUT I can't stop eating cookies!!!! So I keep thinking that maybe my levels will be off. You know when you tell yourself to eat healthier and the very second you do, your will power just flies out the window? Well that's how I was with sweets this week. I told myself that Saturday would be my last day to eat sweets until after my test, but I can't count on one hand how many BIG cookies I've had since then. Two BIG chocolate chunk cookies, one BIG white chocolate macadamia nut cookie, one BIG sugar cookie, one BIG peanut butter cookie, and one BIG snickerdoodle. And those are just the ones I remember eating. . . in 4 days! Not to mention a bowl of ice cream here and there . . .

So aside from getting poked with one needle to have blood drawn, I had to get another shot - an Rh immune globulin shot - since I have a negative blood type. Long story short, if Logan has a positive blood type and it mixes with mine in birth then my body will start producing antibodies that aren't good for me or my next baby. Google it if my explination doesn't satisfy you.

Here are some pictures of me today at 27 weeks.

Whoa! Is that a belly button popping out?! I'm pretty sure it has never seen so much light. . .or soap!


Anne said...

I want a cookie too! You look great. Sorry about the shot. It's your father's fault. Love you, Mom

Rachel said...

Isnt' modern medicine wonderful? 30 years ago there was no test and such sad things would happen. I love the simplicity of it all now, you hardly have to think twice.

You look so great, seriously... I looked like that at 14 weeks. You're one hot mama!!

Thanks again for blogging, I am so happy you are finally a blogger.

Karyn Hatch said...

Ok, so I'm not trying to tempt you, but if you want a really good cookie, go to Whole Foods and get one of their monster cookies in the cookie case. They are every bit worth it!!! :) You look great by the way!

Andrew and Marlie Thomas said...

It doesn't take much Karyn! I'll be at a Whole Foods by the end of the day! And isn't Whole Foods healthy? I won't feel any guilt at all eating that cookie!