Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phone Number

For those of you who received our change of address card, please disregard the new phone number. We've had and AT&T fiasco and our home number had changed. . . 3 times. Our number has changed THREE times. Do you know how frustrating this might be? To change our phone number in everyone's records THREE times??? Frustrating.

But we're done now. And if you'd like our new phone number, please call my cell phone or comment on this blog and I will email it to you.

And if you didn't get our change of address card and think that you should've, there are several reasons why I may have missed you and I'd love to fix it. One reason may be that you have moved and didn't let me know your new address. Another reason is that several have been returned to me and I just haven't found the time to re-send them. If you would like our new address, please leave a comment and I will get one to you. Or maybe I won't if I don't know you. : )

Monday, June 29, 2009

Please Pray

Our dear friends Mac and Ali welcomed their sweet twin girls into the world on Friday night. Macie and Marlie arrived at 27 weeks and need our prayers. Both babies are doing okay and were taken off of their ventilators on Saturday. According to Ali, Marlie is doing well today, but Macie is having some lung issues.

Please, please be in constant prayer for these precious babies and for Mac and Ali.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Lucy likes the pool. She liked the steps mainly until we were swimming today and she decided she liked being off the steps, too. We're calling the fence "guys" this week. We'll be fencing it in soon. She was so fun to swim with, but we don't want her in the pool every time we let her out. And we definitely don't want anything to happen to her. We have been working with her on finding the stairs.

Here's Lucy. . . . .

And, yes, our pool is cloudy. The pool pump is fixed and our chemical levels are good, but there's a lot of crud that needs to make its way thru the filter. At least that's what the pool people are telling us. We're working on it - this is all very foreign to us.

Work in Progress

There's still lots to be done at the house before we can consider ourselves settled-in. We had more "guys" coming on Saturday to fix "stuff." Our pool pump was broken (and hopefully our warranty company will cover it because do you know how expensive pool pumps are?!) so we hadn't been swimming yet until today. Well, with the exception of Lucy, who was in the pool less than 5 minutes after being introduced to her new surroundings. We'll be moving the fence installation from our list of Fall projects to our list of RIGHT NOW projects. I let her out yesterday morning and she came to the back door soaking wet. I can't blame her, a morning swim does sound nice. We also need to order furniture and get all the boxes out of our formal living and dining rooms. Luckily I don’t pass thru either of these rooms on a daily basis unless I need to, so it isn't stressing me out too badly.

So that's my disclaimer to those of you who come for a visit in the next month or two. There will be boxes and a lack of furniture. We are going to take our time because we have time. Moving stinks and we'll be here forever. You can quote me on that.

Our next round of help comes in July. My parents (a.k.a. curtain maker, electrician, decorator and landscaper) will be visiting and bringing our guest bed back to us. We had to store it in one of their gigantic closets when we put together Logan's room at the old house. So after July 7 we will have plenty of room for visitors!

Logan took his first swim today. He's a water baby!

Logan 7 Months

Where've I been? Let me tell you where I've been. My last post was about Logan at 6 months. He was 7 months on Saturday and boy is he changing! Sitting up is old news – he's a pro. Crawling is his new passion. He wants it so bad he can taste it. I, on the other hand, am not sure I'm ready for a mobile baby. Logan loves swinging outside and bubbles. He is also an expert raspberry blower. Logan is reaching for people now and clapping. Pushing 20 lbs, Logan is getting hard to multi-task with. I used to be able to do just about anything with Logan on one arm, but this morning my arm was shaking because he was so heavy. Andrew can get Logan belly laughing now, which is so fun to watch. I'm getting funnier, too. His teacher was in shock on Monday when she bounced a ball at him and he caught it (one of those light-weight, plastic balls that you used to find at the grocery store in the tall cages, ya know?). He did it several times in a row and showed me when I picked him up on Tuesday. Andrew is so proud. I tried unsuccessfully to get him to do it this morning. He looked puzzled about why mommy was throwing a ball at his face. Each day it's something new and I can't keep up! Logan is getting more and more fun, which is exciting, but I'm realizing that I'll never have my baby Logan back. It's going too fast!

pushing off

This was Logan at 6 months. He's much better at this today.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Facebook Schmacebook

Please stop asking me to get on Facebook. I'm not going to do it. I'm too nosey for it and it would consume too much of my time that I should be giving to my family and my life. If you want to find me and see pictures of us we'll be right here! And if you want me to see pictures of you and yours then send them to me. Love you all, but Facebook is a game that I'm not going to play.

Tejas Sur

Last Saturday Logan and mommy flew to south Texas to visit my brother's family and attend a baby shower. My BFF Alison is having twin girls and naming one of them after me. Well, that's what I'm telling everyone at least! She is naming one of them Marlie, though it's not necessarily because of the incredible impact I had on her life (wink, wink Ali!). It was fun seeing so many old friends and their babies. And Phil and Trish had the perfect set-up for us at their home and were so nice to have us. I couldn't set an empty bottle down for two seconds before it was washed. Cousins Corzine were entertained by Logan 24/7. It was nice to shower and get ready without having to worry about watching him. And Philip asked me if we'd written our wills yet. I think maybe he liked Logan, too!

Flying with Logan at 7 months was much different than at 2 months or 4 months. He was very busy on the plane. Good, but busy. I was that mom with that screaming baby for about 10 minutes during the landing in McAllen. I think Logan's ears were popping - poor little guy! He was a real trooper all weekend being passed from person to person and toted all of the the Rio Grande Valley.

Forgive the poor quality of my pictures and videos. I lost a piece to my camera and am using my Blackberry to take pictures until I get it fixed.

Uncle Philip and Logan

Lauren and Lenzy couldn't get enough!


Lots has been going on in the Thomas household this month. Both our home purchase and sale are complete. The only hitch we hit was with the buyer's agent for our old home. He was a real jerk to the title company and to our realtor regarding surround sound speakers that the buyers didn't ask for. Everyone involved agreed that they have never dealt with such a meanie-head.

We moved on Sunday, June 7 to our new home and Andrew's parents came to town to help us get organized. I took the week off from work, while we had painters, A/C guys, alarm guys, sprinkler guys, pool guys, oven guys, and all kinds of other "guys" at the house. Logan was home, too, because Mimi needed her fix. She still managed to unpack my kitchen (I'll find everything eventually, Judy!) and wash the inside and outside of all of my windows. Unfortunately, it poured rain just hours after she finished; and it was sad to see spots on the windows the next day. Bob made several trips to the old house with me to pick up the random junk (and I mean junk!) that we didn't have the movers take. He also installed fluorescent lights and a peg board in the garage and made several phone calls for us to set up appointments with different "guys." We were sad to see them go. Thanks so much for your help!

Here's Logan the day after we moved in. . .