Sunday, June 21, 2009

Logan 7 Months

Where've I been? Let me tell you where I've been. My last post was about Logan at 6 months. He was 7 months on Saturday and boy is he changing! Sitting up is old news – he's a pro. Crawling is his new passion. He wants it so bad he can taste it. I, on the other hand, am not sure I'm ready for a mobile baby. Logan loves swinging outside and bubbles. He is also an expert raspberry blower. Logan is reaching for people now and clapping. Pushing 20 lbs, Logan is getting hard to multi-task with. I used to be able to do just about anything with Logan on one arm, but this morning my arm was shaking because he was so heavy. Andrew can get Logan belly laughing now, which is so fun to watch. I'm getting funnier, too. His teacher was in shock on Monday when she bounced a ball at him and he caught it (one of those light-weight, plastic balls that you used to find at the grocery store in the tall cages, ya know?). He did it several times in a row and showed me when I picked him up on Tuesday. Andrew is so proud. I tried unsuccessfully to get him to do it this morning. He looked puzzled about why mommy was throwing a ball at his face. Each day it's something new and I can't keep up! Logan is getting more and more fun, which is exciting, but I'm realizing that I'll never have my baby Logan back. It's going too fast!

pushing off

This was Logan at 6 months. He's much better at this today.

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