Thursday, June 18, 2009


Lots has been going on in the Thomas household this month. Both our home purchase and sale are complete. The only hitch we hit was with the buyer's agent for our old home. He was a real jerk to the title company and to our realtor regarding surround sound speakers that the buyers didn't ask for. Everyone involved agreed that they have never dealt with such a meanie-head.

We moved on Sunday, June 7 to our new home and Andrew's parents came to town to help us get organized. I took the week off from work, while we had painters, A/C guys, alarm guys, sprinkler guys, pool guys, oven guys, and all kinds of other "guys" at the house. Logan was home, too, because Mimi needed her fix. She still managed to unpack my kitchen (I'll find everything eventually, Judy!) and wash the inside and outside of all of my windows. Unfortunately, it poured rain just hours after she finished; and it was sad to see spots on the windows the next day. Bob made several trips to the old house with me to pick up the random junk (and I mean junk!) that we didn't have the movers take. He also installed fluorescent lights and a peg board in the garage and made several phone calls for us to set up appointments with different "guys." We were sad to see them go. Thanks so much for your help!

Here's Logan the day after we moved in. . .

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