Sunday, June 21, 2009


Lucy likes the pool. She liked the steps mainly until we were swimming today and she decided she liked being off the steps, too. We're calling the fence "guys" this week. We'll be fencing it in soon. She was so fun to swim with, but we don't want her in the pool every time we let her out. And we definitely don't want anything to happen to her. We have been working with her on finding the stairs.

Here's Lucy. . . . .

And, yes, our pool is cloudy. The pool pump is fixed and our chemical levels are good, but there's a lot of crud that needs to make its way thru the filter. At least that's what the pool people are telling us. We're working on it - this is all very foreign to us.


Rachel said...

LOVE all your posts I am catching up on. I think Lucy just needs a friend (or 2). I know 2 yellow labs that could be her new bff's

SamiG said...

Yay for you being back. I was going through Logan & Lucy withdrawls. :)