Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Logan and I were home just before noon, so we got to spend the day off with Andrew. Logan voluntarily crawled in Crabbie, but pay close attention to his left leg - he wouldn't let it touch the sand.

Andrew and I were throwing the football around and I noticed something in the bushes - A TURTLE!!! It was really hot out, so I poured some water in the dirt and left him some water. He didn't drink it. Later we found him buy our back gate, so we let him out. Hope he's okay!

I wanted twins?!

I always thought I wanted twins, which all changed, of course, once Logan was born and I realized I was crazy.

Logan and I went to see my friend Ali this weekend. Andrew didn't come because Mac is a farmer and is harvesting wheat now and wasn't going to be around. We selfishly prayed and prayed for a rainy weekend, but it just didn't happen, so Andrew stayed home.

Mac and Ali had two precious baby girls last June and this was our first time to see them. M and M were born at 27 weeks and because of all the risks of getting sick they couldn't have a lot of visitors - especially from moms of snotty day care babies (my words, not hers).

So last time I saw Ali she was 25 weeks pregnant at her baby shower. Boy, has her life changed! It was great to catch up. Most of the quality conversation happened after the kiddos were all sleep. It was a crazy weekend of being outnumbered, something she's very used to. Ali is a well-oiled machine. Getting to spend the weekend watching her juggle two is really the only way to ever even come close to trying to imagine what she deals with every day. Fortunately for her - her girls are ANGELS! Perfect dolls. They smile more than any babies I've ever seen. They are so happy and easy-going.

Thanks for having us, Ali! I hope you're asleep. . .

Ali and her girls

Logan spent a lot of time crawling in and out of this walker


happy babies. happy mommies.

We were going to try a group shot, but . . .

bathing beauties

ready for our bedtime story

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Video

*see a new video in the May 18 post Nonny and Poppy's Visit*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mimi and Grandpa's Visit

Bob and Judy were in town last weekend. This makes two weekends in a row with grandparents and we're just hoping that the "Rotten" friend to "Spoiled" doesn't try to come live at our house. This boy is livin' the good life!
Logan played hookie from school on Friday for a zoo visit. Here he is holding a bird on a stick. The birds weren't quite as scared of him this visit because he didn't run squealing after them.
They got him a sandbox. We call him Crabbie.
Logan doesn't like sand just yet. Notice that he has pulled his feet up out of it.They also brought him a new chair. He looks like such a big boy when he sits in it (for a whole 2 minutes) to watch Sesame Street or Clifford.

Thanks for everything Mom and Dad and Bob and Judy. You are always welcome!

18 Months

Logan was 18 months last Thursday. Bob and Judy were in town and (surprise, surprise) Bob brought his camera!

Logan got lucky at his check-up because we were just a few days early for his second round of Hep A vaccine, so he didn't get any shots. Except for the flu shot, we're done until he gets Hep A at 2 years and then more vaccines at 4 years. Thank heavens that's mostly done!

Logan is 26 pounds (52%) and 32 inches (49%). He is so verbal that I can't keep up anymore. He can and will repeat anything you throw at him up to two words - like "applesauce" and "big truck". Some of his favorite words are bulldozer, Asher (a neighbor friend), and Abby (from Sesame Street). He is saying please now, though he still signs it at the same time. He is getting pretty skilled with the fork and spoon and finished an entire cup of applesauce tonight by himself with very little mess. He is also drinking from an open cup when we're home at night.

On Monday, Logan will move to the toddler room at school. He has outgrown the infant room for certain, but probably still enjoyed being the "leader of the pack" for the last few months. His transition has gone pretty well. He spends several hours a day in his new room and does okay until naptime when he needs a familiar face to come pat him to sleep. I get pretty emotional when I think about it too much. I know that this is just the first of many big transitions and that he will be just fine. He has been extra clingy to me the last few weeks, but I'm not complaining!

We love you little guy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nonny and Poppy's visit

"Big, big truck" was the theme for the weekend. Logan was taken by dad's big F250 the second it pulled through the gate. Hi Nonny. Hi Poppy. HELLOOOOO TRUCK! Poppy and Logan (Logan and my dad are best buds now)

Nonny and Logan talking about ducks.

We had a great time with my parents in town and they were putty in Logan's hands. No matter how tired dad was of lifting him over his head, every time Logan said "again" he was back in the air laughing his head off. It is so neat to watch grandparents and grandkids. What a special relationship! Nonny was a big softy when Logan signed "please" and he quickly learned that it was a sure fire way to get what he wanted. At least he said please, right?

We went to the duck pond on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the ducks weren't that hungry after being fed all day, but Logan enjoyed chasing the squirrels, too.


After the duck pond we went to Joe Ts and I taught him how to eat a tortilla. Logan is fascinated by guitars ("tar") and couldn't take his eyes off the mariachi band, so we had them come play a song for him.

I see you!

stud muffin


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Happened to notice that this is my 200th post. Pretty impressive, I think.

Just wanted to check in with an update of what we've been up to.

Last weekend was very busy. We had a choo choo train birthday party for our friend Will. Logan ate one chick-fil-a nugget with "dip" and a cupcake. He fell asleep just as we pulled out of the parking lot.

Saturday night we went to Dallas for play time and dinner with cousin Raleigh. It was very fun to have her show us all her tricks. Logan still isn't much for performing for people. Once he got warmed up we were able to capture a great hug.

Mother's Day was very relaxing - church, lunch and nap. Andrew and Logan sent me flowers and got me a new digital camera. Lucy ate mine which is one excuse of why I've posted less lately.

Here is Logan working on his Mother's Day cards outside.

And here he is hiding from me that morning before school because he didn't want me to put his hoodie on him.

Nonny and Poppy are here this weekend, so we'll have another update and pictures soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Worm?

It seems like every week lately that Logan has a favorite book. Before bed I tell him to go pick out a book from his shelf and this week it's "A Crack in the Track," or as Logan calls it, "crack?" He is getting so good at sitting still on my lap and making it through an entire book. Some days we will be sitting on the floor and he will hand me a book then turn around a foot or so away from me and back himself into my lap so I can read to him. I absolutely adore those moments!

Some nights he wants to take his book to bed with him and tonight when I went in to cover him up after he fell asleep, this is what I found.