Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nonny and Poppy's visit

"Big, big truck" was the theme for the weekend. Logan was taken by dad's big F250 the second it pulled through the gate. Hi Nonny. Hi Poppy. HELLOOOOO TRUCK! Poppy and Logan (Logan and my dad are best buds now)

Nonny and Logan talking about ducks.

We had a great time with my parents in town and they were putty in Logan's hands. No matter how tired dad was of lifting him over his head, every time Logan said "again" he was back in the air laughing his head off. It is so neat to watch grandparents and grandkids. What a special relationship! Nonny was a big softy when Logan signed "please" and he quickly learned that it was a sure fire way to get what he wanted. At least he said please, right?

We went to the duck pond on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, the ducks weren't that hungry after being fed all day, but Logan enjoyed chasing the squirrels, too.


After the duck pond we went to Joe Ts and I taught him how to eat a tortilla. Logan is fascinated by guitars ("tar") and couldn't take his eyes off the mariachi band, so we had them come play a song for him.

I see you!

stud muffin



Anne said...

Just look at him signing 'more please' in the video and see if you could deny him anything he wanted.

Amy Cheshire said...

Yeah, I couldn't. Actually, it would only take the big blue eyes to get me! Yea!!!! I get to see him soon!. . . . .and Marlie and Andrew.