Monday, May 31, 2010

I wanted twins?!

I always thought I wanted twins, which all changed, of course, once Logan was born and I realized I was crazy.

Logan and I went to see my friend Ali this weekend. Andrew didn't come because Mac is a farmer and is harvesting wheat now and wasn't going to be around. We selfishly prayed and prayed for a rainy weekend, but it just didn't happen, so Andrew stayed home.

Mac and Ali had two precious baby girls last June and this was our first time to see them. M and M were born at 27 weeks and because of all the risks of getting sick they couldn't have a lot of visitors - especially from moms of snotty day care babies (my words, not hers).

So last time I saw Ali she was 25 weeks pregnant at her baby shower. Boy, has her life changed! It was great to catch up. Most of the quality conversation happened after the kiddos were all sleep. It was a crazy weekend of being outnumbered, something she's very used to. Ali is a well-oiled machine. Getting to spend the weekend watching her juggle two is really the only way to ever even come close to trying to imagine what she deals with every day. Fortunately for her - her girls are ANGELS! Perfect dolls. They smile more than any babies I've ever seen. They are so happy and easy-going.

Thanks for having us, Ali! I hope you're asleep. . .

Ali and her girls

Logan spent a lot of time crawling in and out of this walker


happy babies. happy mommies.

We were going to try a group shot, but . . .

bathing beauties

ready for our bedtime story

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