Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tractor

I can't believe I'm just now getting to this post! This tractor has been a big part of our lives for almost a month now.

Bob and Judy were here for Father's Day weekend and Aaron's dedication at church. They had ordered this tractor as Logan's (very) early birthday gift so that he could enjoy it before having to put it away for winter. Enjoy it he has!

Unfortunately there was a delay in shipping, so they didn't get to see him ride it (or help put it together - suspicions arise), but we were able to Skype and send video. In one video we asked him where he was going to haul the stick he had put in the back. His answer - "to Omaha."

Logan is a big help in the yard - picking up sticks, feathers and rocks, hauling the bird feeder for a refill, driving his lawn mower around. He refuses to ride it without the trailer, but occasionally asks us to take it off just before he changes his mind and stops us. He hauls his water and the toy of the day around. Monkey's even gotten a few rides, too.

He's a great driver and hasn't run over anyone. . .yet. He likes to watch the wheels go around, so we have to remind him to look ahead sometimes. It has 2 speeds and reverse. He almost loves his goggles as much as the tractor.

Summer Lucy

We had Lucy shaved yesterday. It's just too darn hot to let her have all her hair. I think we're on day 17 in a row of 100+ degrees.

She looks ashamed in this picture, but she's just tired. She actually seems to really like her new do. And I like that I'm not having to sweep as much!

Aaron - 5 Months

Aaron T, you are the jolliest, most easy-going baby I've ever come across. I'm so glad you're MINE! These 5 months have flown by. I want to put life in slow-mo for a few months and catch up on all the "soaking you in" that I feel like I'm not having time to do. We love you so much, Cheeks. You make waking up so early so much fun!

At 5 months, Aaron is:

*Sleeping through the night. 7:30-6:30 (some recent exceptions)

*Teething! His first bottom tooth has just started to poke though. This might explain why he's been up a few times each night this week.

*Eating! Aaron had his first food just a few days before his 5 month mark. I was going to wait until month 6, but (like our pediatrician predicted) Aaron was getting really frustrated watching us eat dinner. He started with sweet potatoes, but he's had it all now - squash, carrots, peas, green beans - and it's no surprise to us that he liked it all! I'll need to get y'all a picture of his scrumptious thighs.

*Laughing. A lot. He's very ticklish - thighs, ribs, armpits - and really gets going good when you chomp at 'em repeatedly.

*Talking. He talks at home occasionally, but usually is just trying to keep an eye on Lucy and Logan. But in the car, that's a different story. Aaron is so vocal in the car. It is hard sometimes to hear myself think or to have a conversation. Aaron is having so much fun finding his voice and I'm so glad I get to hear all about it.

*Not rolling over. He was. He knows how. We've seen him do it, but maybe its his size that makes it hard. Whatever. He'll get there.

Aaron is right around 18 pounds and is wearing 9-12 month clothes. His feet are hanging right at the edge of his carrier and his bath sling. He's a big boy, folks. AND WE LOVE IT!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Weekend

Let's do that again! We had a super fun, super relaxing long 4th weekend. Andrew was in a golf tournament on Saturday, but mom was here by noon to help and play. We stayed home all day and just played outside, then inside, then outside again. Sunday we skipped church on purpose (gasp!) and played and relaxed some more. I ran some errands to prepare for our party on Monday and then mom went to Dallas to grab dad from the airport and we all met for Mexican food. Dad preached in Harlingen that morning and flew straight up afterward. This is our third July 4th celebration in this house and my parents have been here each year to celebrate with us. I think a tradition is forming.
After dinner we came home and I put Aaron down, dad and Andrew hung out by the pool, Logan drove circles around the yard in his tractor (more on the tractor later - just realized I haven't posted about it). Then mom and I took Logan to watch the fireworks from the Fort Worth Symphony's Concert in the Garden. We found a great spot very near the park with a completely unobstructed view. I'm so excited to return to this secret spot for years to come! As I suspected, Logan was terrified by the noise. He insisted I plug his ears so that his hands would be free to cover his eyes. I tried to convince him to peek, but I'm pretty sure he didn't. Of course now he talks about fireworks all the time and is asking to see them again.
Monday morning was our neighborhood parade. We loaded up and headed to the main drag to watch with our neighbors.Asher, Logan and Olivia

AJ and Aaron

Jenn and Aaron

The Tookes (left) and Beards (right)

Then, THEN. . .we headed home and welcomed our neighbors and friends for the inaugural Thomas July 4th Bash. We had a water slide and margarita machine brought in and served pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs. It was so much fun to hang out with our friends all day. I think we had almost 50 people out there. We are so excited about our new tradition!

Aaron and Mrs. Roach. She and Mr. Roach live right across the street and enjoy our boys.

Hannah (Kim and the girls came right after nap time and had the pool all to themselves at that point)


Katelyn and Liz

Drew and Logan. Logan was timid at first, but after Andrew and I took him up just a few times he got the hang of it. He must've done it 50 times by himself. He took a 4 hour nap afterward.

Our friend Ivy and her boys

I wish we had gotten more pictures. Next time.

Number TWO!

Logan went #2 in the potty for the first time yesterday. Once at school AND then again at home. Hooray for Logan! He is doing a great job with potty training and usually only has one accident each day. He hates the washing the hands part. This is so frustrating for me because he fights going to the restroom for that reason. I wish I could just use hand sanitizer because it would make it so much less painful for both of us, but I really, really want him to know that washing our hands is just part of the deal.