Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tractor

I can't believe I'm just now getting to this post! This tractor has been a big part of our lives for almost a month now.

Bob and Judy were here for Father's Day weekend and Aaron's dedication at church. They had ordered this tractor as Logan's (very) early birthday gift so that he could enjoy it before having to put it away for winter. Enjoy it he has!

Unfortunately there was a delay in shipping, so they didn't get to see him ride it (or help put it together - suspicions arise), but we were able to Skype and send video. In one video we asked him where he was going to haul the stick he had put in the back. His answer - "to Omaha."

Logan is a big help in the yard - picking up sticks, feathers and rocks, hauling the bird feeder for a refill, driving his lawn mower around. He refuses to ride it without the trailer, but occasionally asks us to take it off just before he changes his mind and stops us. He hauls his water and the toy of the day around. Monkey's even gotten a few rides, too.

He's a great driver and hasn't run over anyone. . .yet. He likes to watch the wheels go around, so we have to remind him to look ahead sometimes. It has 2 speeds and reverse. He almost loves his goggles as much as the tractor.

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