Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Steps...

. . .that's what I'm committing to take to catch up here. 

This morning we went to Dallas to watch cousin Raleigh and the Dragons play soccer.  She only has one game left now and we got to see her score her very first goal!  I didn't have my camera out for long, but did get a shot of Kennedy and Aaron catching up.

We've been playing outside a lot and have had a few dinners outside, too.  Everyone's happier outside, especially at that time in the evening.

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This is the day Logan asked for the first time, "Can I play with Aaron?"  Heck yeah!!!

Andrew brought the whole costume home from someone at work.  Logan really likes Star Wars and  didn't take the mask off or days.  He took it to bed, wore it in the car, and even started Matt's car using the force.