Thursday, April 30, 2009

Going, going. . .

Get your best offer in quick if you are still interested. Ha. WE ALREADY HAVE AN OFFER ON OUR HOME! It's been on the market since Monday and pictures didn't go up until Tuesday and on Wednesday after 2 showings we got an offer! The offer is pretty good, but we will counter this evening and let you know how it goes.

Some might say that we were priced too low, but I think that God is just that good. I feared that we'd be sitting on our cookie-cutter home for at least 6 months in this market.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thinking of moving to Keller?

It's official - we're moving! Well, once we find a house and once someone buys our house, that is. We've lived in Keller for 4 years now knowing that we would someday move back into Fort Worth proper. Our realtor put our lockbox and sign up today and will have our MLS information up tomorrow. I was changing Logan's diaper earlier and a car stopped in front of the house and wrote stuff down. It was so exciting!!!

We've spent a lot of time de-cluttering and gardening and house-hunting. I really liked a house and then it went under contract. Then Andrew fell in love with a house and then it sold very quickly. But now, NOW, we are ready to act. Unfortunately there is nothing on our radar right now, so if our house sells tomorrow (which it will of course), we will be living with our friends and neighbors until our perfect home comes along.

There are two things that we are pretty torn up about - leaving our neighbors and switching churches. We have grown really close to our neighbors and wish we could bring them with us. And we love Hillside. I have been involved in the children's ministry and our pastor and the congregation are incredible. We just built a new building and are getting to know more people. I hate church shopping and was so excited when we found Hillside and now we have to do it all again. And I'm convinced there is nothing in Fort Worth like it.

I'm certain you'll be hearing more about our house hunt and selling drama.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 Months and a Sick Day

Logan was 5 months old yesterday (17 lbs). We went to the Dr., but it wasn't for a well visit. Logan had 6 dirty diapers at school and threw up a bottle, so they called me to come get him. He may or my not have a stomach virus and he definitely has an ear infection in his left ear. Poor little guy is always so darn happy - how was I supposed to know!?

He got an antiobiotic shot in each leg and I start him on an oral tomorrow. He has been great today - no sign of being sick at all. What a trooper! I ran errands during his morning nap and am getting a lot of chores done this afternoon. I feel bad being excited about all that I'm getting done, ya know?

He is at the 3 1/2 hour point of his afternoon nap, so that's a sign that he's not feeling his best. I had to get a picture.

Thanks for my Doodlebug onesie Aunt Amy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This week

Logan wore a new outfit from Mimi. Thank you Mimi!

Logan enjoyed carrots. He obviously doesn't take after his mother on this one.

Lexie and Kim came for a visit. Kim is 17 weeks pregnant and is trying to get Lexie used to the idea of her being around another baby. She's getting better, but is still a little possessive of her mommy.

My friend Valerie gave birth yesterday to sweet baby Caleb. Please keep them in your prayers. Valerie was only 28 weeks along, but baby Caleb was almost 3 lbs and is breathing on his own!!! He is doing great as far as I know, but please prayer for his continued health and strength.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Logan's First Easter

Cold and rainy seems to be the Easter theme these past few years. We still headed out to early church and then brunch, though. Logan enjoyed the books in his Easter basket and LOVED the bunny the neighbors gave him. Mommy will help him eat his chocolate bunny.

I squeeeeze my bunny.

Logan's new thing is sucking on his fingers. He usually prefers them to his pacifier.

Good Friday

My little blue eyed boy

My mom came to visit this weekend. Dad was supposed to drive up after a thing in Houston on Saturday, but he woke up that morning with fever and chills, so he just went back to San Antonio. We were sad not to have him here, but we still had a nice time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The following is a little dated. I had originally wanted to post video of him eating, but couldn't get it to load. I don't have time to mess with it right now, so I have updated this a little and will do the videos later.

Logan had his 4 month appointment two weeks ago Friday. He weighed 15 1/2 lbs and measured 25". He's following his height and weight curves proportionately and is between the 50th and 60th percentile for each. His Dr. said at 4 months he is almost 6 months along in most areas. And although we see him again at 6 months, he led me to believe he thought Logan would be crawling by then. (NOOOO!!!) He is a very strong baby and very aware of his environment. Logan recognized the Dr. as a Dr. and started crying. Doc said this is a good thing and that kids just instinctively know. We were also given the green light on veggies and meats and told that Logan didn't need the extra carbs in rice cereal, which is good because it didn't seem like Logan's favorite anyway. He's had peas, carrots, squash, green beans and sweet potatoes so far. Peas are his least favorite and sweet potatoes seem to be the biggest hit. This is so fun for us!

Update: he had chicken tonight and made gagging faces even when mixed with squash. We'll have to re-introduce it sometime down the road.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Boy am I glad that week's over! We are all better now and are getting our strength and appetites back. I don't know where to start, so I guess I'll take it from the top.

On Friday, March 20 we left for our annual trip to Palm Desert with Andrew's family. Logan was a great traveler once again until the last 20 minutes. As we were descending, he projectiled his entire bottle. . . on me. He didn't appear to be feeling bad, so we just guessed it was the pressure. We enjoyed our first night with the family and woke up Saturday morning to head to the street fair at the College of the Desert (a multitude of vendors selling endless amounts of crap you didn't know you needed - for the most part). We do this every year and it is always a great time. Except that I wasn't feeling well at all. We were supposed to have lunch with friends afterward and I kept trying to convince everyone, including myself, that I would be fine as long as I was sitting. Right before we met for lunch I changed my mind and made everyone go home. I was out the rest of the day. Stomach bug. (but I thought it was something I ate until. . . )

I was better the next day, but weak. My mother-in-law didn't get out of bed, though - stomach bug. Man did I feel guilty! Logan also projectiled 2 more bottles this day. Hmmm. . .maybe something is wrong with him!

My sister-in-law and father-in-law were also feeling bad, but different bad. Then the night before we left our two nieces, sleeping in separate rooms, BOTH threw up at about the same time. They had a flight to wake up for at 6 am, but the whole house was up at about 4. Luckily the girls were fine the rest of the day and travelled well. Andrew and his brother-in-law escaped the bug, but Matt called Andrew the day after we were home and said he wasn't feeling well. So Andrew wins the immune system challenge of 2009!

Or did he??? We arrived home from California on Tuesday (Logan projectiled again while taxi-ing to the gate in Dallas. . .on me.) and Andrew left for Detroit for work on Friday. I was home with Logan all weekend and he had a cold, but no more vomit. So you can imagine my excitement to have Andrew home on Sunday night to relieve me. Well, Andrew informs me after landing that he is coming straight home to bed. (excuse me?!) He isn't feeling well. I was upset because he had "wasted" two potential full nights of sleep on his trip.

Andrew missed 4 days of work last week. It was ugly. He was more sick than I'd ever seen him. Some virus they couldn't name. I got congested on Wednesday and it was down hill from there for me. I could hardly move on Thursday, so I loaded up Logan for school and came back home for the day. Fortunately by Thursday, Andrew could function and was able to take care of Logan that evening.

We were both back to work on Friday, but still not feeling 100%. Today has been MUCH better. On the plus side, we're back down to our ideal weights!

If you're still reading, you must need a hobby. Thanks for hanging in there.

What I learned from this: Being a mommy is hard. Being a mommy to a sick child is harder. Being a sick mommy is THE WORST!

Here are some pictures of our trip. It wasn't the best trip we've ever had, but it was still a good time and we always love being with family. Sorry for the bug everyone!

Addison, Olivia and Logan

Mimi and Grandpa with the grandkids

Mimi and Logan

Olivia loves holding Logan

Addi helping Logan with his pacifier

Grandpa and Logan