Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 Months and a Sick Day

Logan was 5 months old yesterday (17 lbs). We went to the Dr., but it wasn't for a well visit. Logan had 6 dirty diapers at school and threw up a bottle, so they called me to come get him. He may or my not have a stomach virus and he definitely has an ear infection in his left ear. Poor little guy is always so darn happy - how was I supposed to know!?

He got an antiobiotic shot in each leg and I start him on an oral tomorrow. He has been great today - no sign of being sick at all. What a trooper! I ran errands during his morning nap and am getting a lot of chores done this afternoon. I feel bad being excited about all that I'm getting done, ya know?

He is at the 3 1/2 hour point of his afternoon nap, so that's a sign that he's not feeling his best. I had to get a picture.

Thanks for my Doodlebug onesie Aunt Amy!

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SamiG said...

Poor Logan! It is the worst when a little baby gets sick because they can't tell you what is wrong. I hope he is feeling better now.