Sunday, April 19, 2009

This week

Logan wore a new outfit from Mimi. Thank you Mimi!

Logan enjoyed carrots. He obviously doesn't take after his mother on this one.

Lexie and Kim came for a visit. Kim is 17 weeks pregnant and is trying to get Lexie used to the idea of her being around another baby. She's getting better, but is still a little possessive of her mommy.

My friend Valerie gave birth yesterday to sweet baby Caleb. Please keep them in your prayers. Valerie was only 28 weeks along, but baby Caleb was almost 3 lbs and is breathing on his own!!! He is doing great as far as I know, but please prayer for his continued health and strength.


Anne said...

What a happy boy. I want some pants like Lexie's.

Rachel said...

Love the Robeez!! Looks Like Logan is very happy when Lexie is around, check out that smile ;)

Amy Cheshire said...

Ahhh! He's even more gorgeous when he smiles! Just when you think a kid couldn't get any cuter . . . he goes and flashes a grin giving those big "baby blues" an extra sparkle! You're killin' me! Mr. Sweet Cheeks, I'm gonna squeeze you when I see you!