Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Party

Last Sunday after church we headed to the kids Christmas party and brunch at Ridglea.  That place was a zoo!  We had fun with our friends the Bolgers.  We made some crafts, decorated cookies, wrote letters to Santa, and saw Santa.

The boys wore their Christmas sweaters courtesy of Mimi and I'm so glad we snapped a few pictures before church because it became increasingly more difficult to get photo participation throughout the day.

Love my handsome boys.  Notice there are no ornaments on my tree this year.  No comment.  I just wanted you to know that I know.

When you forget to pack toys. . . teacups!

When asked what he wanted on his face he said a snake, so I insisted it at least be a merry snake!

This is as good as it got for the brother shot.  It was nearing nap time.

Ella throwing me a fake smile.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Aaron - 10 Months

Aaron was 10 months old on the 11th.  I feel like this month has had the greatest amount of change than any so far for him.

After he starting pushing my hand away during spoon feeding 6 or so weeks ago I took it as a sign (duh!) to start just letting him have solids.  He's a HUGE fan!  I started him off on toast - toast with avocado on it, toast with goat cheese, toast with banana.  His favorites now are warm cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, whole wheat penne with parmesan, and any berry.  He's had spaghetti and meatballs (but mostly just meatballs), enchiladas, green beans, carrots and other steamed veggies of course.  Pretty much we just give him a little of what we're having - like tonight he had a few nibbles of pizza with his veggies.

Aaron has been pulling to standing for a few weeks now.  He is clapping, signing "more", and I have video that might lead you to believe he is saying "dog."  Just yesterday he started pointing, which I am really excited about for some reason.  His chubby little pointer finger is so stinkin' cute!  He's discovered doors and cabinets, too, but is just so taken with the movement of them right now that he's not taking things out of them.

Aaron's a big guy and with just a few exceptions in 18 month clothes.  Jackpot!  Went thru Logan's clothes and because Aaron is bigger, Logan's 18 month cold weather stash is just the right size!

He still takes his paci, and while I 'd like to say it is mostly for sleeping, I can't lie to myself.  I will likely restrict it to the crib after we travel for Christmas.  He has 3 teeth now - two on the bottom and one on top.

Aaron continues to be an easy baby.  He doesn't spit up anymore as of about a month ago, which is great, but he's more of a wiggle worm now and wants to get down and crawl, which makes holding him in public a little more of a challenge.  His new favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  He waves his arms around when I sing it and claps when I'm done, but at bedtime he just lies there and listens.

Aaron, we're continually grateful that we get to spend life with you.  Your joy is contagious and your cheeks are so kissable!  We are loving watching you soak in the world around you and are looking forward to showing you all of the fun things ahead.  Love you - MUAH!

Sleeping peacefully through the entire cold, crowded, loud brain tumor walk

Post-nap hair

Soaking off your first diaper rash - 15 minutes of entertainment provided by the remains of Logan's balloon sword

Your first spaghetti and meatballs.  So glad you like my meatballs baby!

Here comes. . . 


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aaron's First Haircut

Sniffle. Sniffle.  Aaron's hair over his ears was getting a little out of control, so we took him in for his first trim the day before he was 10 month's old.  I was worried that his hair would look less curly afterward and it does.  He looks a little older now I think, but I was very clear that they were to only cut the smallest possible amount.

Aaron did great in the fire truck seat.  I can't imagine it having gone any more smoothly.  What a big guy!


Monday, November 28, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving this year in San Antonio.  We drove out Wednesday afternoon and were pleased with the ease of the trip. The traffic wasn't terrible.   We only spent two nights at my parents house, but they had just spent some time with us for Logan's birthday, so we didn't feel guilty leaving on Friday to get back in time for the Parade of Lights that night at home.

Logan loves Nonny and Poppy's house for several reasons. 
1) golf cart rides  
2) construction equipment that he sees while on the rides 
3) the blow up Cars bed he gets to sleep on

After the morning golf cart ride we sort of watched the parade and Logan, Nonny, and I decorated this year's version of a gingerbread  house.  It was just small enough for Logan to "finish" one without losing interest.  

Mom made a great lunch - Cornish game hens and all the normal sides.  I'm so thankful to have dodged another year of having to prepare this complex meal myself!  Aaron gobbled up his first Thanksgiving meal, but I'm pretty sure Logan only ate rolls.  Pretty typical these days if it isn't very familiar food - PB&J, enchiladas, pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks or corn dogs.  Judge me if you want.

I'm always so grateful for relaxing trips.  Dad and Andrew watched football and played on their computers and iPhones much of the day.  I got some reading in during nap time.  The boys were content tearing apart my parents house and took long naps.  

On Friday, we headed out after breakfast and (you guessed it!) Logan's morning golf cart ride.  The trip back was even easier, making our holiday that much sweeter!

Sweet smile!
And now I eat it!


Helping Poppy water plants

His usual state - happy

Even happier with food!

Getting some Nonny lovin.   
Hey look, they're close enough together to be in the same picture!

Poppy and Daddy let him touch some of the equipment on the final golf cart ride (in his PJs)
Thanks Mom and Dad for being such gracious hosts!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Logan is Three?

Three years came and went very quickly!  I held back my tears last weekend, but it wasn't easy.  Logan is such a big guy - doing so many big things on his own now.  We are so proud of the little person he is becoming.

Last year we went to a party at this park and it was so fun.  So I copied the idea this year and several of Logan's friends and our friends gathered for coffee and breakfast and cupcakes.  We were blessed with nice weather with the exception of wind, which eliminated the use of paper plates and our Mater napkins. We tied our giant Mater balloon bouquet to the trash can because the weight couldn't handle the wind.  The park is fenced in and except for 2 other families we had the run of the place.

Logan had 3 donuts (that I saw) and a few bites of his cupcake.  I just couldn't bear to deny him any sugar on his special day.  We skipped the TCU game because of rain and Andrew (see below) and spent the afternoon relaxing and napping at home.

Instead of bringing gifts, we asked that everyone bring canned food for the food bank.  We collected 85 pounds of food and Logan and I donated it on Monday - the week of Thanksgiving.  Logan still scored lots of fun gifts from family and unruly friends (wink).  Lots of Cars themed race tracks, Cars movies, and tractor-themed gifts.

Both sets of grandparents were able to join us for the weekend.  It is rare that we get to see everyone at once, but always a good time.  Andrew woke up at 3 AM Saturday with a wicked stomach bug so he missed the party.  Then my mom got the bug on Sunday.

Mom made the Mater goodie bags and we filled them with a bunch of junk and the cutest Mater teeth lollipops.  A few of our friends sent us pictures. . .

On Sunday (his actual birthday) I made his traditional birthday breakfast of Gingerbread pancakes that Aaron got to eat, too!  And he opened several gifts from mommy and daddy - new cowboy boots, a Super Frog pillow pet, and a cool new spiky backpack.  He spent the whole day playing in his PJs and sporting his new boots, backpack, and a paper fireman hat that he got in a birthday card from Nonny.

Logan, you're THREE!  You are so challenging sometimes, especially at bedtime, but then there are ALL the other times when you are the most awesome kid we've ever known!  We love your love of music and watching you play the air drums and air guitars at church and concerts.  We're fascinated at how you know where we are around town even if we've only been there once.  And your memory scares us!  The other day you started talking about something that happened 18 months ago when Asher fell in the duck pond - it's crazy - and you do it all the time.  The other day when I asked you to do something you didn't even take the time to look at me and said, "I'm a little bit busy."   And then another time last week you told me to hold my horses.  You crack us up on a daily basis, kiddo.

And its so cute when you say "gotfer" instead of "forgot" and you ask me to button your pants, but "zippen" them first.  I'm not working on correcting these.  You'll get it someday and when you do I'll be sad. Just like how I'm sad that you say Chick-fil-a now instead of Chickalay. You're such a boy - a loud, climbing, jumping, messy, silly little boy who makes my day every day.
Hayden, Drew, McKinney, Kate, Asher

Polly and Logan
Aaron napped through most of the party.

Thanks Nonny!

Polly and Lucy later that day

Fun crowd waiting on Travis to get his big camping lighter out of his truck.  I almost remembered to pack everything!

Jack and Kate with Emily and #3!

Olivia and Logan

Cousin Raleigh

Cousin Kennedy

Quint with Drew and Reid



Jack at the TCU game later that day

and Kate
Rob, Joanna and Charlie

Katelyn again


John and Ella




Kiersten and John