Monday, November 28, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving this year in San Antonio.  We drove out Wednesday afternoon and were pleased with the ease of the trip. The traffic wasn't terrible.   We only spent two nights at my parents house, but they had just spent some time with us for Logan's birthday, so we didn't feel guilty leaving on Friday to get back in time for the Parade of Lights that night at home.

Logan loves Nonny and Poppy's house for several reasons. 
1) golf cart rides  
2) construction equipment that he sees while on the rides 
3) the blow up Cars bed he gets to sleep on

After the morning golf cart ride we sort of watched the parade and Logan, Nonny, and I decorated this year's version of a gingerbread  house.  It was just small enough for Logan to "finish" one without losing interest.  

Mom made a great lunch - Cornish game hens and all the normal sides.  I'm so thankful to have dodged another year of having to prepare this complex meal myself!  Aaron gobbled up his first Thanksgiving meal, but I'm pretty sure Logan only ate rolls.  Pretty typical these days if it isn't very familiar food - PB&J, enchiladas, pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks or corn dogs.  Judge me if you want.

I'm always so grateful for relaxing trips.  Dad and Andrew watched football and played on their computers and iPhones much of the day.  I got some reading in during nap time.  The boys were content tearing apart my parents house and took long naps.  

On Friday, we headed out after breakfast and (you guessed it!) Logan's morning golf cart ride.  The trip back was even easier, making our holiday that much sweeter!

Sweet smile!
And now I eat it!


Helping Poppy water plants

His usual state - happy

Even happier with food!

Getting some Nonny lovin.   
Hey look, they're close enough together to be in the same picture!

Poppy and Daddy let him touch some of the equipment on the final golf cart ride (in his PJs)
Thanks Mom and Dad for being such gracious hosts!

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