Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aaron 9 Months

Aaron was 9 months old on Friday. He is changing so quickly and I'm just trying to soak up every second of his cuteness every day. Aaron is still a very happy baby, but is starting to show some attitude, especially when you take something away from him - a piece of paper he's chewing up, the pouring bucket in the bath tub - screams like, "you've got some nerve, momma!"

 Oh, and he's finally saying Mama! And a few days after he got that word down he started saying "nononono." And if he doesn't want something he'll push it out of the way - like if we're trying to give him another bite, or have him finish a bottle, or is Andrew wants a high five and he's not in the mood. He's crawling 70% of the time, but he's still faster scooting. And he's pulling up on everything, usually just to his knees though.

 Aaron's still not a big fan of food with too much texture, so we're still spooning in the baby food, but continuing to expose him to whatever we're eating. If Andrew is holding him he will butt heads with him over and over - a game Andrew taught him. And he will give Andrew high fives, too, if he's in the mood. He is great at waving and is just this weekend learning to clap. He dances to music and is increasingly more impossible to diaper or dress.

 Still only has 2 teeth and still thinks Logan is the coolest big brother. Update: At his 9 month appointment last Friday Aaron was 30" long (95th percentile), 21 lbs 10 oz. (65th percentile), and his head was in the 70th percentile. Love you Buddy! (And Andrew calls him Chief, and Logan insists that he [Logan] is Champ)

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