Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We are in San Antonio today and will head back to Fort Worth tomorrow to rest up for the TCU game on Saturday. We are very thankful today and every day for our great friends and loving family.

Turkey leg photo opp - it's a little sad what we put him through for a picture. . .

Love me some green bean casserole!

And a year ago today. . .
Can't believe it's been a year!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Logan is 1!

Last Friday Logan turned 1. We had a fun-filled weekend with both sets of grandparents in town and a birthday party on Saturday. Here are a few pictures from the weekend and some of his new favorite toys. We got Logan a wagon. He has always liked his wagon at school and was very excited to see one at his house.

Cousin Raleigh got him this buggy. It is an indoor toy for now and he can't stay off of it. If he's not sitting in it waiting for a ride, then he's climbing all over it or pushing it around.

This is Charlie at Logan's party. Charlie and Logan share a birthday, but Charlie turned 2.

Asher Z and Ella

This monkey took some warming up to. It is in our office now and he still gives it the evil eye when he sees it.

Logan wasn't too sure about his smash cake and all the attention he was getting.

C'mon birthday boy, wear your hat!

. . .cry if I want to . . .

a very sweet cousin Raleigh

Andrew took Logan to his one year appointment today. He is holding steady at 22 pounds and is 30 inches tall. He got FIVE shots. I'm glad I didn't have to witness that, but Andrew said he was a trooper.

Logan is getting very confident on his own two feet and has excellent balance and will stand for up to a minute before he decides to move sometimes. And when he does move, he takes 5-6 steps with a big grin on his face.

Our little explorer has learned that he can pull the door handle down on the back door. Fortunately he doesn't have enough strengh yet to get it open. I give him one month! He is also quite the climber and can get a knee or foot up on just about anything to give him leverage. This makes for a very nervous mommy.

When we put his velcro Nikes on him he immediately undoes the velcro and scratches at it. We've been wearing our lace-ups more often.

More to come soon. I just realized it is after 1 AM! What am I doing!?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ta Daaaaaa

Here are a couple short videos of Logan walking.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Give 'em hell!

Glad to be home, but had a super fun weekend with the Fuller family in the Kansas City area. We were sad to miss TCU's sold out, rear-end kickin' game against Utah. BUT we were thrilled to spend the weekend celebrating Shauna (Andrew's cousin) and Josh's wedding.

I've been to a lot of weddings (don't even get me started - in 2005 alone I attended 12 weddings), but this one was one of the most beautiful, personal, family-oriented weddings ever. The fall theme (leaves, not hay) was PERFECTLY executed down to the last detail. Aunt Bev and Shauna should sell their wedding planning services and I'm not just saying that.

On Friday I met up with an old friend who now lives in that area and she took our family pictures. I'll post a blurb about that when I get proofs (no hurry Karyn, I honestly mean that). Logan was way past tired, so it wasn't the most smooth photo session ever, but I'm certain we got a few. It was so fun to see Karyn and to meet her darling Presley finally.

On Friday night my sorority sister Ali came to visit us at the hotel. My father-in-law has those pictures, so they'll follow soon, too. Ali will get married in KC in February, so I will get to head that direction again soon. Great city!

Here's a shot of Logan at the wedding

And Logan fell asleep with me in bed after rehearsal on Friday. I pretended to be asleep for about ten minutes while he wound himself down. He was so fun to watch roll around from side to side with his monkey. He would roll, then wave bye-bye to the air, roll to the other side, wave bye-bye again. It was like he was waving to his guardian angels. Very sweet.

Here's one with Grandpa.

And one very blue-eyed boy eating an animal cracker

Let's not talk about how he'll be one on Friday and about how he is getting quite confident on his own two feet. We'll try to get that on video this week. We got about 5 steps out of him multiple times this weekend.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another new trick

A few comments:

The zebra-print snuggies in the background - those are birthday gifts from our friend Matt. Now we can answer the phone or read our books without the dreadful inconvenience of having to leave the warmth of our blanket. Thank you, Matt!

And Logan's paci. He rarely has it in his mouth outside of bed, but he had just woken up from a nap and I guess I forgot to leave it in his crib. I didn't realize it until I watched the video.



I threw Andrew a surprise 30th party this weekend and it was SO FUN!!! He was 100% surprised when we showed up to "meet our old neighbors" at Joe Ts for dinner on Friday. We walked into the section Liz told us they were sitting in and I saw our group of 20 immediately, but Andrew scanned the entire room looking for a small table for 4. He finally caught the eye of one of his buddies and, as if it had been rehearsed 1,000 times, everyone yelled SURPRISE!!! It was then that he realized that he knew all of these people.

I sent a few long-shot invitations to several of his out of state friends and guess what??? THEY ALL SHOWED UP! They chose our party over Homecoming weekend (last weekend) and Utah weekend (next weekend). That's a big deal (TCU is ranked #4 now if you've recently returned from Mars and haven't gotten the update yet!). Andrew and I are very fortunate to have so many great, long-time friends. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us. Even though he's old now, he is unlikely to forget how much fun he had this weekend.

Now lets talk about how my house smells like a bachelor pad. Ha! I'm running out of scented candles!
That's 30 candles folks.

Austin's birthday was Friday, so we got to celebrate with him, too!

The birthday boys

It happened.

My baby boy took his first steps on Friday. His teacher said that he took 2 steps 3 different times throughout the day. We were able to witness it a little this weekend, too. It will probably be a while before we can capture it on video. He is not by any means a "toddler" yet, but he will be pretty soon.

And I'm sappy (that's sad and happy).