Monday, April 26, 2010

17 Months

Lucy had him backed into the corner trying to get him to share.

Logan turned 17 months last Tuesday. He weighs 26.5 lbs. He has 8 front teeth, top and bottom molars on the left and his top right molar just broke through this weekend. He is in 18 month clothes.

Logan got his first official boo boo yesterday. He fell down outside and scraped his knee. It bled just a little bit and he wouldn't even sit still long enough for me to clean it out – he wanted to keep playing.

When he gets tired of emptying all of my kitchen cabinets, Logan heads to his room and reads. I love going to look for him and finding him there with books all around him. The book of the week is the Golden book about Fire Trucks. He points to the bell and says, "ding ding". Then I make the fire engine noise "we ooh, we ooh, we ooh" and he follows with "errr, errr, errr."

On Sunday Andrew put Logan down for a nap and as I often do, I watched him play on the video monitor in his crib before he fell asleep. He laid his monkey down, pat his back and said "night night." This just melted my heart. THEN he put his hands together, put them on the side of his face, laid down on his pillow and said "night night" and started making the "sheeew, sheeew" noise like he was sleeping. It just doesn't get much sweeter than that, folks!

We were at Sams last week and the very nice man checking us out let Logan hold the scan gun and push the button. Logan pointed it and said "beep." Unfortunately, now Logan thinks that he gets to hold the scan gun at every store. I told this to the kind checker at Lowes and she played along, too, but I'm having a hard time explaining to him that we can't do this all the time.

Logan has the worst allergies of any kid I've ever met. His nose is constantly running, his ears run non-stop, especially his right ear. Thank heavens he has the tubes! He takes Children's Zyrtec twice a day. And if we spend a lot of time outside, which we have lately, we have family sneezing parties

It is getting hard to keep track of words because there are so many now, but here are some highlights.

Amen ("maymen") – he repeats it several times after our nighttime prayers

Lawn mower ("ma more") – the new "ball" - he says it ALL THE TIME. It rained all last weekend, so we had to bring his lawn mower in from outside and unless he was eating, sleeping or bathing, he was pushing it around.

Drive – this is said as he holds out his bunny from the back seat. I don’t even remember how it started, but Andrew and I drive around town with a bunny on the steering wheel because Logan wants him to drive.

Bible – he plays with the stack of books next to my bed and knows which one the Bible is. Well, we thought he did until he handed me Sarah Palin's Going Rogue yesterday and said, "Bible."

Bike – We say motorcycle and bicycle, but Logan insists on calling them both bikes.

Logan still prefers to shovel food in his mouth using his hands. This fork thing is pretty complicated.

I can never get to the camera fast enough, but we catch Logan laying on this top shelf in our bathroom all the time.

This picture doesn't do it justice at all, but Logan has the cutest "funny face." He tenses up his jaw and stares at you with his big blue eyes. We crack up every time. And he laughs when we make the same face back at him.

Tonight Logan was drinking from an open cup and poured his water all over the floor. I grabbed a towel and started cleaning it up. Logan disappeared to the other side of the island and came back with a towel. He put it on the ground and used his foot to move the towel around just like I was doing. I was shocked that he knew where exactly I kept the towels and knew to go get one right when he spilled. These are the brilliant things he does every day that continuously blow my mind.

Logan, you fill our lives with so much joy. Every day you are learning something new and we are reminded how fun life is. How neat it is to get to experience it all again through your eyes!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Botanic Gardens and more

On Sunday Logan and I joined my friend Blake and her son Will at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. We spent most of our time in the Japanese Garden and the boys were fascinated by the koi. Logan not only tried to climb in the water several times, but he kept dipping his fingers in it and then sucking on them. Yucko! We didn't have a quarter to buy fish food, so we broke up pieces of animal crackers for them. I hope we aren't responsible for any sick koi. Blake is having another baby at the end of this month then they're off to Florida because of a job transfer. We will miss them dearly.

A few more from Easter. This is Logan enjoying his first peep. He took a few bites then gave the rest to Lucy.
Logan couldn't have cared less about his Easter basket once he spotted his new trains.
Future golfer? He enjoys dragging our golf clubs around when we're outside now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ridglea Egg Hunt 2010

Dad came in for Easter this year and joined us at Ridglea for another egg hunt. My mom is away on a trip with her girlfriends, so she missed out. Dad and Logan became good buds and I'm sick that I didn't get any pictures of them together.

Logan scored FOUR eggs in this hunt and then decided he was so over hunting eggs and found his way to the putting green flag. He is so independent and could care less about what all the other kids are doing. He is constantly wandering off to explore. We love this about him.

This hunt was much less crowded, but there were still lines for the pony rides and pictures with the Easter bunny that we chose to avoid. We figure that until he starts caring about those things, why should we, right?

He did enjoy the petting zoo, though. He pet a goat, a rabbit and a chicken. He was very gentle with all of them.

Dad was very patient, so we drove him to the Apple store afterward to play with iPads. He didn't figure they'd have any left so was VERY surprised to get his hands on one and leave with it. (Then our cable and internet went out and we missed the final four and he couldn't do much with his iPad. But we're not talking about this yet)


On Friday, March 26 we stopped letting Logan have his pacifier at night and during naps. I thought I would lose sleep over this. I didn't. He handled it like a champ! We're paci free!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Uncle Philip and Cousin Lenzy

My brother and his daughter drove up from McAllen on Tuesday to pick up a new dog. They got to stay one night with us and we had the pleasure of meeting Bitsy, too. She is such a beautiful German Shepherd and we are sad we couldn't keep her.

Logan enjoyed the company and had fun showing off all of his toys and tricks. It was nice to have Lenzy around to pull his wagon! Lauren was sick, so she and Trish couldn't make the trip, but it was great to see Phil and Lenz and we all wish we lived closer so that we could visit more often.

TCU Egg Hunt

"What have we gotten ourselves into?" That was our first thought when we saw the masses of children at the 2010 TCU Alumni Egg Hunt last Saturday. It turned out to be a good time and we saw a lot of our friends there. We had to distract Logan before the 2 PM horn to start the hunt. He really wanted to jump the gun and get a "ball" (egg).

The eggs are divided up into three age groups, so we were able to get our hands on one egg in the 3 and under group. And that's all Logan needed to be content. He snagged a few other toys, too, but that one blue egg provided an hour of entertainment at least. He even played with it again today.

The hunt was over in a minute and a half I heard one parent say. I have a hard time believing it took that long. A friend and I ran our boys to the middle of the circle and sat them down near several eggs just hoping they'd get their hands on one before the 3-year-olds got there. Ha! Good thing Logan doesn't care about quantity yet.

One of Logan's classmates was there. These guys are good buds. Supposedly O just thinks Logan's the funniest thing and Logan always wants to hug or kiss him. Sweet boys.

I wrote a book!

My dad had his blog printed before he transitioned to a new website, so I decided to have my blog printed and I will continue to do so each year. I am so happy with the results and it is such a neat journal of our lives.