Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ridglea Egg Hunt 2010

Dad came in for Easter this year and joined us at Ridglea for another egg hunt. My mom is away on a trip with her girlfriends, so she missed out. Dad and Logan became good buds and I'm sick that I didn't get any pictures of them together.

Logan scored FOUR eggs in this hunt and then decided he was so over hunting eggs and found his way to the putting green flag. He is so independent and could care less about what all the other kids are doing. He is constantly wandering off to explore. We love this about him.

This hunt was much less crowded, but there were still lines for the pony rides and pictures with the Easter bunny that we chose to avoid. We figure that until he starts caring about those things, why should we, right?

He did enjoy the petting zoo, though. He pet a goat, a rabbit and a chicken. He was very gentle with all of them.

Dad was very patient, so we drove him to the Apple store afterward to play with iPads. He didn't figure they'd have any left so was VERY surprised to get his hands on one and leave with it. (Then our cable and internet went out and we missed the final four and he couldn't do much with his iPad. But we're not talking about this yet)

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