Thursday, April 1, 2010

TCU Egg Hunt

"What have we gotten ourselves into?" That was our first thought when we saw the masses of children at the 2010 TCU Alumni Egg Hunt last Saturday. It turned out to be a good time and we saw a lot of our friends there. We had to distract Logan before the 2 PM horn to start the hunt. He really wanted to jump the gun and get a "ball" (egg).

The eggs are divided up into three age groups, so we were able to get our hands on one egg in the 3 and under group. And that's all Logan needed to be content. He snagged a few other toys, too, but that one blue egg provided an hour of entertainment at least. He even played with it again today.

The hunt was over in a minute and a half I heard one parent say. I have a hard time believing it took that long. A friend and I ran our boys to the middle of the circle and sat them down near several eggs just hoping they'd get their hands on one before the 3-year-olds got there. Ha! Good thing Logan doesn't care about quantity yet.

One of Logan's classmates was there. These guys are good buds. Supposedly O just thinks Logan's the funniest thing and Logan always wants to hug or kiss him. Sweet boys.

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Anne said...

Great pictures Andrew. I love the one of the two boys and the one of Logan carrying the basket with his tongue sticking out.