Friday, May 22, 2009

6 Months

I'm in denial. I can't believe my widdle baby is 6 months old! He is so much fun right now and I love that he is learning something new every day and I'm trying not to be sad, but it is very hard.

We've had a very busy month, which is why I haven't posted much. We've sold our house, bought our new home and are frantically packing to move on June 6. Yipes! The new house is super cool and we are excited to have more space to grow. We (mostly Andrew) didn't want a pool, but we couldn't pass up this house because of that one flaw - a flaw that I am now pretty pumped about! We are excited to have lots of swim time this summer with Logan, but we might be even more excited to see Lucy's reaction to swimming. She has loved her baby pool, but it was never deep enough for her. More on the move and the house later. . .

Logan was 6 months old Wednesday! He had his Dr. appointment this week and weighs 18 pounds 10 ounces. He is 27 1/2 inches long. He was following the 50% curves for both up until this appointment. Our boy did some serious growing and is now 75th for weight and 65th for height. I introduced Logan to fruits last weekend and he is enjoying them. I've re-introduced peas and he doesn't seem to hate them as much. Sweet potatoes are still his favorite. We are going to keep experimenting with a sippy cup and start on some finger foods now. Like I said in a previous post, he is rolling over constantly. He is also sitting up! He grabs at everything and brings it straight to his mouth. He has a few wooden rattles that he hits himself in the head with occasionally, which is pretty funny. . errrr, I mean sad. He is very aware of Lucy and reaches out to pet her. She usually lets him. We're keeping a close eye out to monitor her reaction when he tugs on her the first time.

What we love most about Logan right now:
1. How he bangs his hands by his side when he's either really excited or really mad
2. Waking him up in the morning to watch his smile at us
3. How he rubs his eyes with the backs of his hands when he's tired
4. How he hates the strapping-in process (carseat, stroller, high chair) and then is fine once it's over
5. Listining to him find his happy screaming voice
6. That he's a good sleeper
7. The way he studies everything he sees and how serious his face is while doing so
8. How he sighs like he's got something to say
9. When he blows his pacifier out of his mouth and it goes flying
10. His huge smile when he sees Andrew

Here is some video of Logan a couple weeks ago after a bath. He's obsessed with my cotton ball jar.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


No pictures now, but just wanted to let you know we're still here! We close on the sale of our house June 15 and close on the purchase of our new home on June 12. The family we are buying from is moving to the Phillipines and was in a bind to sell, so we reaped the benefit of their desperation - yay us! Great house. Great yard. We can see ourselves there for many, many years. It was built in '71, but has been completely re-done, so it looks like its only a few years old. We are excited. . .and BUSY!

Logan is terrific! He is rolling over all the time, which makes it impossible for me to change his diaper or dress him. He rolls back to front and gets frustrated after a while because he can't remember how to roll back over and take a break. He does this in the middle of the night, too, and is slowly learning that he can lay his head down and sleep on his stomach. He is sitting up pretty much on his own and gets better every day. He is laughing a ton - mostly at Andrew. I'm still not very funny.

I promise I will post a picture or video soon. We got some super cute video of him earlier this week naked on the counter after a bath. I'm sure he'll appreciate us sharing it with the world. I can't believe he is almost 6 months old!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dedication Pictures

Dad has the actual pictures of us on stage, but they are from far away, so you're not missing too much.

Here are a few others from this weekend.

Logan was ready for his nap when we got home after lunch, so getting a picture in his cute outfit from Mimi was tough

It was better if I held him.

And by Sunday night, he was pooped!

Oh. We have another offer on our house - a back-up full cash offer! Everything with our first buyers should work out, but its nice to have leverage in negotiations.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Darn it!

I've been tagged. Here it is (just for you Emily M.)

Eight Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Finalizing our home sale
2. Finding a home that we really, really love
3. Seeing Logan's sweet face in the morning when he wakes up
4. Sunny skies
5. Bunko/Girl's night on Tuesday
6. Logan's dedication tomorrow at church
7. Going to bed
8. Cashing in my massage certificate from OCTOBER

Eight Things I did yesterday:
1. Ate too much
2. Finished most of my quarterly reports at the office (late, but done!)
3. Prepared the house for showings today
4. Had a new roof put on the house
5. Had a large frosty beer at dinner
6. Rubbed Logan's head as he fell asleep
7. Turned down Ranger's tickets - the good seats
8. Got to work on time

Eight Things I wish I could do:
1. Be in bed by 10 pm every night
2. Work part time with the same pay
3. Make time to get my hair cut
4. Sleep in
5. Make time to work out
6. Have my pre-mommy brain/focus back
7. Be able to talk it out with my trash retrieving dog
8. Make the wrens stop nesting above our front door and pooping on our mat!

Eight Shows I watch on TV:
1. The Office
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Private Practice
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Biggest Loser
6. Rules of Engagement
7. Eli Stone
8. Big Bang Theory

Eight People I Tag:
I'll spare you all!


Realtor just emailed. Buyer and seller (us) have both executed the contract. Inspection here we come! We are scheduled to close on June 15. We don't have a house in mind yet, but are looking at several tomorrow with our realtor. We are so blessed that in a market like this we were able to sell so quickly. We had 4 more "just in case" showings today, too! I think that because our house is definitely a starter home that it filled a need for a lot of buyers. We sold at a small loss, but should make it up on the buy side.

Logan gets dedicated at church tomorrow. My parents are in town for that and have been a huge help during this crazy busy weekend. I will post pictures of him tomorrow, but for now, here is one from today.

Thanks for my cute outfits Nonny!