Monday, May 4, 2009

Dedication Pictures

Dad has the actual pictures of us on stage, but they are from far away, so you're not missing too much.

Here are a few others from this weekend.

Logan was ready for his nap when we got home after lunch, so getting a picture in his cute outfit from Mimi was tough

It was better if I held him.

And by Sunday night, he was pooped!

Oh. We have another offer on our house - a back-up full cash offer! Everything with our first buyers should work out, but its nice to have leverage in negotiations.


Mimi said...

Even crying he looks sweet........He keeps growing and changing so much. Kisses and hugs, Logan. I miss you. Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

Oh the pain and agony! . . .I'm talking about me. That should be my chest he is laying his sweet little fat face on! Seriously though, you should've called me when he was throwing that fit. I would've loved to have that one on my message. He is looking more like Andrew everyday. Give him a squeeze and kiss his chubby cheeks for me! BTW-I had to type Harry Pee for the word verification to leave this message. I thought it was funny.

alikutz said...

Marlie, you look so good! That little guy is really growing! No offense Andrew, but when he's got his mad face - he REALLY looks like you :-)