Saturday, May 2, 2009


Realtor just emailed. Buyer and seller (us) have both executed the contract. Inspection here we come! We are scheduled to close on June 15. We don't have a house in mind yet, but are looking at several tomorrow with our realtor. We are so blessed that in a market like this we were able to sell so quickly. We had 4 more "just in case" showings today, too! I think that because our house is definitely a starter home that it filled a need for a lot of buyers. We sold at a small loss, but should make it up on the buy side.

Logan gets dedicated at church tomorrow. My parents are in town for that and have been a huge help during this crazy busy weekend. I will post pictures of him tomorrow, but for now, here is one from today.

Thanks for my cute outfits Nonny!

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SamiG said...

He looks like his daddy in this one! Too cute - love the cars.