Monday, April 27, 2009

Thinking of moving to Keller?

It's official - we're moving! Well, once we find a house and once someone buys our house, that is. We've lived in Keller for 4 years now knowing that we would someday move back into Fort Worth proper. Our realtor put our lockbox and sign up today and will have our MLS information up tomorrow. I was changing Logan's diaper earlier and a car stopped in front of the house and wrote stuff down. It was so exciting!!!

We've spent a lot of time de-cluttering and gardening and house-hunting. I really liked a house and then it went under contract. Then Andrew fell in love with a house and then it sold very quickly. But now, NOW, we are ready to act. Unfortunately there is nothing on our radar right now, so if our house sells tomorrow (which it will of course), we will be living with our friends and neighbors until our perfect home comes along.

There are two things that we are pretty torn up about - leaving our neighbors and switching churches. We have grown really close to our neighbors and wish we could bring them with us. And we love Hillside. I have been involved in the children's ministry and our pastor and the congregation are incredible. We just built a new building and are getting to know more people. I hate church shopping and was so excited when we found Hillside and now we have to do it all again. And I'm convinced there is nothing in Fort Worth like it.

I'm certain you'll be hearing more about our house hunt and selling drama.


Rachel said...

Yall are missing out on a GREAT house in Burleson for sale, surely you want rooms lol!! Love you!!

Anne said...

I'm sure you will have a contract this week, so we will bring Logan home with us on Monday since you will be homeless. Nonny