Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phone Number

For those of you who received our change of address card, please disregard the new phone number. We've had and AT&T fiasco and our home number had changed. . . 3 times. Our number has changed THREE times. Do you know how frustrating this might be? To change our phone number in everyone's records THREE times??? Frustrating.

But we're done now. And if you'd like our new phone number, please call my cell phone or comment on this blog and I will email it to you.

And if you didn't get our change of address card and think that you should've, there are several reasons why I may have missed you and I'd love to fix it. One reason may be that you have moved and didn't let me know your new address. Another reason is that several have been returned to me and I just haven't found the time to re-send them. If you would like our new address, please leave a comment and I will get one to you. Or maybe I won't if I don't know you. : )

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