Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Logan's first word is Mama! I thought he was saying it when he cries, but didn't want to give myself too much credit. Daycare confirmed it yesterday. They said that every time they changed his diaper he cried "Mamamama." The told me to "claim it, girl, because the Dada's always win that one."

He has terrible diaper rash that appeared overnight Sunday. This is why he cried when we change him. Mom says it looks like pretty normal diaper rash, but this is our first experience with it and it brings me to tears. There's one spot that's just so raw. We're stuffing him full of yogurt, soaking it in Domeboro and putting all kinds of junk on it constantly. I think I'm just going to carry him around naked tonight to air out his poor hiney.

My mom and dad are in town and you wouldn't believe how much furniture has been moved around already!


Ann Jud said...

Get hold of Rachel Lippe and let her tell you what took care of Leeanne's diaper rash. She bought it at a feed store and she claims that it works the best.

SamiG said...

Lansinoh's stuff is the best commercial diaper rash creme I have tried. But Ann Jud is right the horse salve (what Rachel likely uses) is the best ever!

Hope he is better already!