Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 Months

Logan will be 8 months old tomorrow and he's mobile!!! Get ready world, Logan is crawling and he's getting faster every day. Hide your phones and remote controls, put your shoes in the closet, and stop wagging your tail or he'll come for it! He's been working on it for a few weeks, but Andrew said it was official on Friday - he made it from point A to point B on all fours. It is still a combo sometimes between inch-worming and crawling, with at little bear-crawl mixed in. He crawls more on carpet and tries to stay off his knees on the wood floors. We are waiting on our couch to be delivered before we pick a rug for the living room, so until then his poor knees will have to suffer.

Logan still weighs 20.7 lbs. With his new set of wheels maybe he'll hold steady for a while. And I don't know how he's so chunky (deliciously chunky - I'm SO not complaining!) because he HATES the eating process. We can't even let him catch his high chair in the corner of his eye or he starts screaming at us, so we feed him in his Bumbo seat. And we have to occupy him with Mum Mums or Wagon Wheels while we put his bib on and prepare dinner or he'll let us know how angry he his to be fed again. Once we get going we can usually get a good amount in him and he likes fruit way better than the main course, so there is a little trickery going on most of the time. Veggie, meat, (arch back and cry) fruit, fruit, veggie, (fuss) veggie, (scream bloody murder) fruit, meat, fruit. Does this make me a bad mother??? Breakfast is the easiest meal. He likes toast and yogurt. And you should hear the noises Andrew and I have found ourselves making to keep him entertained!

At 8 months Logan enjoys our weekend morning walks, swinging in the back yard, LUCY!, things with buttons, things with lights, anything almost in his reach, being thrown in the air, "ride your little horsie", peek-a-boo, splashing in the bath, and his jumparoo has made a come back, too. Daddy still gets him to laugh the most, but he's definitely in a mama's boy phase right now. He's falling asleep in my arms while I rock him, which he was always too antsy to do until recently. It's heart melting!

And most nights he sleeps 11 hours straight. Except last night. He brought a little cold home from school to share with the family and it woke him up a few times last night. No big deal usually. He typically puts himself back to sleep. But with this new crawling thing, he can now get into the sitting position on his own. So at midnight last night I checked the monitor and I'm shocked to see him sitting up in his crib playing with his mobile. He went right to sleep when I laid him back down, but I just don't think he knows how to lay himself down from that position yet. (This happened again at 4 and then at 5:30 he was up for good) So we'll be lowering his matress next week, because pulling up is the logical next step. Lord help us.

Look at me! I crawled to the hall!

Sometimes when he does this he gets so close to standing up.

And he wants to play with daddy's camera. . .

(that's our snot-nosed love bug!)


Anne said...

Sweet boy. He looks so much like Andrew in Pic 1. Great pictures Daddy. My tile floors might slow him down a little. Maybe we'll get knee pads.

Amy Cheshire said...

1) You have quite possibly the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. You should make money off his sweet face and put it into a college fund for him, his children and his children's children. He could make that much! But maybe I am just being biased.

2) Love the kankles in the picture where he looks like he is trying to stand

3) Yea!!!!! I finally get to kiss my chuncky monkey this week!!!!

Aunt Amy

Marlie said...

WHOA! Hold on just a minute. I never said Andrew took the pictures. Lets give credit where credit is due. MOMMY is using daddy's camera. (and immediately after I blogged I used the "internets" to order the part MOMMY's camera is missing!)

SamiG said...

Go Logan Go! Logan is now off to the races...

...and Lucas is right behind him. He pushed up on all fours, scared himself and flopped back down.

I am wondering how to keep all of Jade's choking hazard toys out of his reach.


Anonymous said...

Matt just looked and said... wow - looks like a little Andy! He's too cute... can't wait to see him! Love K