Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tejas Sur

Last Saturday Logan and mommy flew to south Texas to visit my brother's family and attend a baby shower. My BFF Alison is having twin girls and naming one of them after me. Well, that's what I'm telling everyone at least! She is naming one of them Marlie, though it's not necessarily because of the incredible impact I had on her life (wink, wink Ali!). It was fun seeing so many old friends and their babies. And Phil and Trish had the perfect set-up for us at their home and were so nice to have us. I couldn't set an empty bottle down for two seconds before it was washed. Cousins Corzine were entertained by Logan 24/7. It was nice to shower and get ready without having to worry about watching him. And Philip asked me if we'd written our wills yet. I think maybe he liked Logan, too!

Flying with Logan at 7 months was much different than at 2 months or 4 months. He was very busy on the plane. Good, but busy. I was that mom with that screaming baby for about 10 minutes during the landing in McAllen. I think Logan's ears were popping - poor little guy! He was a real trooper all weekend being passed from person to person and toted all of the the Rio Grande Valley.

Forgive the poor quality of my pictures and videos. I lost a piece to my camera and am using my Blackberry to take pictures until I get it fixed.

Uncle Philip and Logan

Lauren and Lenzy couldn't get enough!

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Amy Cheshire said...

Phil looks like he wasn't far behind Logan in falling asleep! Sweet boys!