Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Friends

This is Monkey. Monkey and Logan have always been pretty tight, but their relationship has really been taken to a new level lately. Monkey, we think, is a real person to Logan. Monkey does everything Logan does. Monkey ride bike. Monkey climb up tree. Monkey read book. Monkey brush teeth. Monkey touch it. Change diaper Monkey.

One night last week I was reading Logan a book before bed. He took it out of my hands, climbed off the rocker, grabbed Monkey and tucked away into a cozy spot between his rocker and his bed. He made sure that Monkey was sitting up straight right next to him then he searched the pages for the "gorigga" (or rigga when he's in a hurry). Once he found the page with big gorilla on it, he grabbed Monkey's head and pressed it up to the picture, "Gorigga, Monkey." Then he continued to grab Monkey's head and move it from picture to picture telling him what each animal was. I could've watched this all night. I wish so badly that I had it on video.

Monkey rides to school with us every day and stays in Logan's car seat all day. The way that Logan's face lights up when they are reunited after school is too sweet. This has become one of my favorite times of day.

Logan and Monkey sitting on splatter guards in the kitchen.

This evening after Logan and Monkey were done riding the bike we went to play in the sandbox. When we went back to the bike later there was a lizard on it. We watched it for a while as it jumped from the wheel to the seat and crawled around. Then Logan wanted to touch it. When we encouraged him to touch it he said, "No. Monkey touch it." I guess Monkey is a little more brave than Logan right now. So he ran to get Monkey, held his hand and stretched it out toward the lizard. Neither ended up getting to touch it, but it was fun to watch them point and say "boo lizard!"

I think Monkey is starting to seem a little real to me too. Maybe having another real playmate in the house will be a nice change for us all.

Oh yeah - we're having another BOY!


Karyn Hatch said...

What a precious post! Don't you hate it when you don't have the video camera at those moments!?

Congrats on boy #2!!! Him and Logan are sure to be best buds!

BTW, we had a great time in Omaha...just realized I never replied to your last e-mail! :)

Katie said...

Too precious!! Logan is so stinkin cute. Congrats on the new little boy!